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Qwilr Tutorials - Analytics

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Mark (Qwilr)

Mark: The other side of Qwilr, it's very powerful, and it also leverages the fact that we're building a tool in the web, is analytics.

So, when you click on the analytics tab, you're very easily able to see some high-level stuff. Right now, we're only in a free account, so this is the analytics you'll get when you sign up and get your first few projects in Qwilr. So right now, I can see that there's been two views, the most recent view happened at this time. The average amount of time spent viewing is just under a minute, and the most viewed block is SAMPLE, which I'm sure is this block, the top block here, which is titled SAMPLE at the moment.

So, when you get upgraded to other tiers, you have a range of other features. You can see a lot more information around the IP address, around which people have accessed it from and from what location. You can see each details for each individual view, a histogram across time and a range of other features. Really, this is a high-level view that gives you an idea of, "Hey, has my client actually opened this? And if yes, how many times?" What detailed analytics does, is let you know what they actually care about; what sections they spend the most amount of time on, and whether they actually that long piece you wrote about company culture, or whether they just jump straight ahead to the price - which can be very valuable.

A lot of organizations ... they're very happy to stick with just the basics.