Qwilr Tutorials - Customizing quotes & publishing a project


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Qwilr Tutorials - Customizing quotes & publishing a project

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Mark (Qwilr)

Mark: So, when you click Customize, you have the ability to quickly and easily change a few things. So you can say, do you want to show a quote total? Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. The nice part about Qwilr being a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor, is you get instant feedback, so you're able to see exactly what your client will see.

You can say, do you want to show taxes? So you can choose whether you want to show taxes or not. I think it actually looks good to have taxes in it, but what I don't like is I don't like having these sections in the middle that show off exactly to my client how much things are costing. So, I'm going to remove the unit price and I'm also going to remove the item unit. So, just have a reasonably simple, clean quote.

So you can see here again - okay, I think it looks much nicer, much simpler, much cleaner. But maybe you're the kind of person who wants to show the full detail to your clients; whatever works for you, Qwilr is flexible and supports it all.

So, assuming that we're happy with that, move to edit. When we get down to the bottom, there's a big green button that says Enable Accept. All accounts come with the ability to enable accept. Some of the higher-tiers on Qwilr also come with the ability to have e-sign, and we're also launching a payments feature in the near future.

When I click accept, it's a very simple process. I can customize the accept button. So I'll say here 'Accept my Proposal', and I can also have a success message that the customer sees once they've clicked accept and filled out the forms correctly. So, I might change the word 'quote' to 'proposal', and we're good to go.

So, when we switch back to display mode, we can see that this now has an accept button, it's looking ready to go. So, once you're happy with how it sort of looks, and you feel that the rest of the project also looks good, 'Yes, I like that case study, everything else looks great', you can go to the top of your document and click Send.

When you have an Accept button, Qwilr is publishing the project. So, if you don't actually have an accept button, you just want to send perhaps an indicative quote, or perhaps you're sending a proposal that doesn't include a quote, those projects are able to be sent out and you can actually tweak them and edit them as you go.

However, when you set up a proposal that has an accept button, it has to be a published project that you no longer have to edit. You can, of course, still maintain control of it. You can still disable the project whenever you want to, so that your customer can no longer see it, but you aren't able to change the price as you go.

So, we'll say, yes, let's publish it, you can grab the link, we'll drop it in and refresh the page. And when I come down now, you'll see all of the stuff that we've added before, including the map, which you'll also see at the bottom, this button to accept my proposal.

So here, I can say, 'Jimmy GetApp', J@getapp.io, and then your company is GetApp, and you can press Accept and you're done. You can customize those forms to say other additional information, if you want to get their phone number, if you want to get what industry they're in, that's totally customizable. As I said before, you can also have e-sign and a range of other things available there, but that's the simple basic way to accept a quote in Qwilr.

So when you come back in, you can see when the proposal gets sent out, that it has a pending thing here, and you're no longer able to edit it. You are still able to view the project, you can delete the project at this stage, and you can always clone the project to make an exact copy of the project. But as we've just accepted it, if you refresh the page, you'll see this proposal's been accepted.