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Qwilr Tutorials - Pricing & API

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Mark (Qwilr)

Mark: Pricing in Qwilr. The first thing to say about Qwilr, is that when you first arrive and you want to get started, it's completely free to do so. Your first five documents are free to make, and it's a very easy, simple way for you to get a good taste as to what Qwilr is offering.

Once you've joined the wonderful paying customers of Qwilr, you will know that there are three main options available, and you can pay on a month to month or annual basis. If you pay annually, you will get two months free as a nice incentive to do that as well.

So really for most users, the focus is between the pro plan and the business plan. The pro plan is what users start on when they get a free account, and it comes with, and to be frank, a huge number of benefits. First and foremost, is you get all the accounting integrations, so you get Xero, Freshbooks and Quickbooks, and they are available for you to link up to your accounting to, so that when you send out a quote, once it gets accepted, that automatically syncs out with all of your accounting and you don't have to do any double work.

You get the ability to have a custom sub-domain, you get some simple security such as password protection, and you get some basic analytics to give you an idea of how many times your content is being viewed, for how long, and what the top content was.

You get notifications via email and Slack so that you can see how many times your project's been viewed, and you'll be notified instantly when it's being viewed. You have the ability for your customers to accept your quotes when you send them out to them, but there is a small Qwilr badge in the bottom.

You get email support, and as we've said before, you get the ability to have a conversation with us either through in-app chat or email, and you get three members of your team included straight away. As we have said before, your first five pages are free.

Our most popular plan now is the business plan, and this is especially popular with consultancies, and agencies and other professional services firms, and has been the main area of growth for us. This comes with a bunch of extra features. One of the most important ones is the ability to integrate CRM, so that you can have an integration that allows you to speak to your CRM, and then also allows you to pull information from your CRM as well.

Another important one is you will have custom URLs. Some companies and brands, especially some of the big ones, really value the ability to have complete personalization here. You get extra security features, you get much deeper analytics, and you get the same level of viewer notifications with a bit of extra customization.

With the accept button, you also get the ability to have an e-sign, and once you have an e-signature built in, we also do an auto trailer. This is a very clear path that allows you to see when you've created a doc for the project, when it was first shared with a client, when they first viewed it, how many times they viewed it, when they clicked accept, all the information they've put in when they did accept as well as their e-signature. We store all of that in a PDF version on Cold Storage so you have that auto trail ready forever.

The Qwilr badge, which it becomes very small and actually it just says 'Powered by Qwilr' down the very bottom right, and it's like a very minimal theme within the page. We also do a lot more phone support and are very happy to run through a demo for any of our business customers/users. And we also do, if you ask very nicely, we're also quite often happy to help you out with your first Qwilr project.

You get five people included in your team, and 30 day money back guarantee, cancel at any time. So for most companies, the choice is between the pro model or the business model. Qwilr also has an API, and that API allows us to power a range of interesting things that pull in data for the enterprise tier. To be frank, this tier is used by large sales teams and very large corporates, all by people who are creating hundreds of different documents a month.

This is a way for people to really create Qwilr's web-based documents at scale and do some really, really interesting things. So obviously you get all of the benefits of business, as well as an account manager and it being white-labeled, but you also get the ability for us to do potentially some custom work, to be able to pull in different data sets into Qwilr, so that you can set up templates that have a range of variables and you can set up different ways for them to be automatically generated and automatically set for people.

So this is a really exciting era of Qwilr. We've done some great work with some very large sales teams, but it's one that is very much for the enterprise. And really and truly, this 549 price is the starting point and the price depending on what you're after can sort of vary from that.