Qwilr Tutorials - Project security


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Qwilr Tutorials - Project security

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Mark (Qwilr)

Mark: Some of the other features that live within Qwilr are the ability to have, add security to your page, and also to understand the analytics around your page. So, again, once you're happy with how your Qwilr page looks, and you're happy with the content in it, and the images, and the videos and everything else, and you say, "I'm ready to send it off", something you can look at quickly is security tab. So, Qwilr Docs are for more secure than sending traditional documents, either via email, or PDFs, word docs, PowerPoint, et cetera.

The first of this is the ability to enable a password. So, just a very simple one here. We're going to do a four digit one. You can do as many digits as you like. The other side is you can offer a time limit, so you can say, is this link always valid? Or you can say, make this link only available for the next three days, or the next seven days, or the next month or whatever you want. So, you could say it's valid from today until the end of the month. At any stage, you can disable a link in Qwilr. This doesn't delete the link from your project dashboard. You'll always have access to the project and be able to edit it and keep working on it, but it means the very link that you sent out beforehand no longer works.

So, if you think for some reason someone has shared your document with a competitor, or with someone who shouldn't have it, or for whatever reason, you're always able to disable your link.

Another one that's quite fun is the ability to have a views limit. So, this is a little bit like Snapchat for documents; the idea of being that you can limit how many views someone has for your project. Qwilr, of course, makes webpages, so you're able to very simply say, "Hey, how many views do you want to have on your project?" So, you can see here by default we say ten, you might say a hundred views, you could say one. Whatever it is, once you've hit that limit or once your client hits the limit, you'll be notified and they will not be able to access the document anymore.

Obviously, if you want to, you can come back in here and change this number to give them more views. But it can be a very useful tool in certain scenarios. So, I'll turn that off and come back.

So now, when we go to preview the document, you'll see there's a password protected thing. I'll enter the password from before, and you can see we have access.

And as always, it's the same document; exactly the same as we saw before.