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Qwilr Tutorials - Settings

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Mark (Qwilr)

Mark: So, we're back on our project dashboard, and as you can see, we've got all our projects here. You can see that there's the Demo GetApp Sales Proposal, we've got our Qwilr SEO proposal. But at the top here, you can always create a new project from either of these two buttons. You can also see the analytics across your entire account. So, Qwilr, all of the saved blocks that you created, so while all your projects live on a project dashboard, all of our saved blocks live in your library and you can see here all of the things that we've saved today.

You can always go through here, edit these blocks or delete them if they're no longer relevant. And that's very important if you have updated some new content and maybe you've got some relevant stuff, but you no longer want to have some of the old stuff, so that your sales team or your team generally are no longer reusing old blocks.

You can always get help from Qwilr two ways: either by going to our help docs, which is through this link up in the top-right, or you can communicate with the team quickly and easily through our chat sidebar.

And then we have settings.

So, there's a reasonably amount that's within the Qwilr settings. The first thing you'll notice is that you have the ability to go and change your password, and set your email and do other basic things like that, and add a phone number for your account. All pretty standard stuff.

Qwilr has the ability to send notifications. And again, we're only in the free account so we're only seeing the most basic version of notifications. But this most basic version is still really powerful. So right now, we have the ability to be notified when a project is first opened. So Qwilr will send a short email letting you which project has been opened, give you a link to that project, and then give you the ability to log back in straight into that project's page to see further analytics of what's happening within that project.

Users. You can add and invite users to join you in Qwilr. Various different tiers have more users if you want to add more users on top. It's a very simple thing to do.

Again, in the basic version of Qwilr, you have the ability to set a subdomain. So right now, we'll have this be getapp, you'll save that subdomain. And so, right now, whenever you create a proposal in Qwilr, that proposal's URL will be getapp.qwilr.com rather than just qwilr.com. Again, for some of our higher-paying tiers, we allow you to have completely custom URLs. So it could just be proposals.getapp.com in this example.

Subscription is obviously where you choose your plan and you're able to upgrade, downgrade, cancel anytime.

Branding is very important within Qwilr, and the main philosophy behind Qwilr is that really excellent companies with excellent brands have very consistent presence. So, Qwilr allows you to set brand colors and brand fonts across your entire account, which guarantees that all of your documents will have the same look and feel no matter whether the CEO is writing them, the head of marketing is writing them, the head of design is writing them, or a sales guy you hired last Tuesday is writing them.

It always looks good and has the same even feel.

These brand colors can be quickly and easily changed into whatever color you want. Choose a simple hexadecimal color code, and the same is true for fonts. Qwilr has a range of fonts that are very easy to get started with, but we support all web-based fonts. So, you can have a very simple font, that you have one that applies across every single font within your account. You can have a few different pairings, or you can just choose a different font for header one, for header two and for the main body text of your account.

But again, like brand colors, this applies to everybody in your account; whether it's just one user or a hundred.