Qwilr Tutorials - Taxes & currencies in a proposal


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Qwilr Tutorials - Taxes & currencies in a proposal

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Mark (Qwilr)

Mark: With a quote block, we already have one ready to go in this proposal. So, I'll take you through how it works.

Simply hover over the quote and click to edit, and immediately you'll see there's a few core options that you have. The first of these is taxes. So, we'll set up some taxes here. In Australia, we have a GST and it is ten percent, done. But you can set up whatever tax you need and you can have as many taxes as you want. So if you operate, say, in America, and there's many different state taxes that may be applied to your business, you can set up whatever tax you need.

So once we've left that, you can choose your currency. We support all currencies around the world. Yes, I will include GST. You can choose whichever currency you want. I'll stick with the Aussie dollar for now. We'll leave customize alone for now, but we'll come back to that. And then you also have rates. Rates are fantastic because they allow you to set the rates when certain things happen within your business. It's especially great for agencies, professional services firms, consulting firms, and the like.

So right now, we can say here is the rate for Mark, and I get charged out at, let's say, a hundred dollars per day. And then we'll do a new rate, and this rate is for the wonderful Jimmy, and Jimmy gets charged out at a thousand dollars per hour. Obviously, we can set this per week, per day, per month. You can do per year if you want. We'll leave it as per hour for now.

So, that's it. We've set these rates up. You can add as many rates as you'd like and you can change them over time as well.

Speaker: So within the quote - the quotes are all made up of sections. So right now, we have two sections, initial section, very imaginatively named, and main section, also imaginatively named. And then down below, you can see a range of options giving the total for each of your section, and then a total overall. You'll see already that GST is automatically calculating ten percent of the total.

So, when you come over the top, when you're looking at a section, the text as always within Qwilr is just very simple. And so, you can easily come in here and change things to whatever text you want. So, we can say, ‘Demo for GetApp!’. We can see this is set to the default rate, and that's ten hours. Maybe we want to change that to be 21 hours. We can also come in here and say 20.5. We can also make this -20.5. This is a really simple calculator, but a very powerful one that allows you to do a lot.

In here, we'll select the Jimmy rate for this one, and we'll say we're just going to have one hour of Jimmy's time on that item. To add a new rate item, simply click the rate item icon and say 'Rate Item' here, and then we can pick other rates. Let's come down and pick the Mark one, and we'll say Mark's going to work on this for ten days.

You have a fixed-cost item, so maybe you'll have Fixed Cost. Maybe this is for buying a software package and you're going to buy - it's going to cost a hundred dollars - and you're going to buy 18 copies of it.

If you need to, you can always add text as well. 'Text can be useful to explain.' So sometimes, it's a very helpful thing to have. At any stage, you can switch back to the display mode, and then go back to editing.

So, as you're going on here, you can see you can add fixed items, you can add rate items, you can text items, but you can also do a lot more.

So, if you click at the little icon on the left-hand side, you can see a few options. First of all, is this item tax-exempt? So maybe some items actually should not be counted towards the total tax. You can also change the units. So right now, we've got Mark working days, maybe actually he's working nights, or you know you could change this to whatever you want.

You can offer a discount, so maybe you're saying, "Well, for Mark, we'll knock off 50 dollars and be very generous." You can delete this entire block. You can move it up or you can move it down. It's all very simple and intuitive and easy to use.

The nice thing with Qwilr, and we'll talk about this a little more later on, is that Qwilr can integrate straight into accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks and Freshbooks. So once you've done it here, you don't have to do it again. It will automatically sync up and create an invoice in those systems for you.

So, if you wanted to move the sections around, the same idea before. You can move section up or move section down. You can also delete the entire section. You can also just create a new section from scratch. And so, we can add that one in and then we'll delete it straight away. Yes.

So, right now, okay, we're feeling happy with this. Maybe we want to bring that down a little bit. Maybe we want to change this from 3,500 to 3,800. Automatically, everything gets updated. You can see a running total up in the top-left. And as you come down here, you can see we now have discount information, we can still see the GST and we can see the total, excluding tax.