Qwilr Tutorials - Third party integrations


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Qwilr Tutorials - Third party integrations

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Mark (Qwilr)

Mark: At the moment, we've just rolled out a whole bunch of new integrations, and we've got a whole lot more that are coming soon. So, first and foremost, Qwilr works wonderful for accounting software. So, the ability to create a quote and then have that quote once it's been accepted to sync up automatically and be invoiced within Xero, Freshbooks or Quickbooks, is very simple and easy to do.

The same is true for Pipedrive, where you're able to - when someone accepts a quote, Qwilr can automatically tell Pipedrive that that customer should be moved from whichever group it's in currently, into a closed deal group, and having that business listed as one.

Some of the interesting stuff that we're working with on Pipedrive, is the ability to pull in data from Pipedrive into Qwilr, so that if you have a template set up, that maybe it's your standard first outreach template, you can have variables within that template. So a variable for customer name, or company name, or the last date that we met them on, or a range of other variables. We can pull all that information from Pipedrive and automatically create a project in seconds.

So, that's basically the idea of a mail merge, but for a website or a web-based document.

Stripe; this is a basic way for anybody to accept payments at the end of a quote. So once someone has accepted your quote, not only can it sync with your CRM and your accounting software, but you can also charge them money. It's been a much requested feature, especially for many of our partners in the startup world, in the agency world, who love being able to go deposit to get started.

And of course, everyone's favorite, Slack. This is just a simple integration to allow you to be notified every time one of your Qwilr proposals is updated or is viewed, so you can very quickly and easily be notified the second that one of your clients opens your documents.

We've got a lot more of that coming soon. We're working hard on Salesforce right now and many of these other ones, as well as many more are coming to Qwilr soon.