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Qwilr Tutorials - What is Qwilr

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Mark (Qwilr)

Jimmy: Hi, and welcome back to another GetGuide, brought to you by GetApp. Today, I'm joined by Mark Tanner, who is the co-founder of Qwilr. Mark, how are you?

Mark: I'm very well, Jimmy. How are you?

Jimmy: I'm doing awesome. You know, Qwilr's one of these apps that I'm curious to get to know a little bit more of. So, I've had the opportunity to check it out a little bit, but I want you to explain to me, maybe what is this one thing that - you know, that's so awesome about Qwilr that will keep someone who's listening in and watching right now, sticking around to discover the rest of it? What's that one thing that you help businesses and people do that makes you guys awesome?

Mark: So, the main thing that we do, is we help businesses look amazing and close a hell of a lot more business. The main premise behind Qwilr is that the way that businesses have done their documents, especially their sales documents like proposals, quotes, pitch decks and more, is the documents are just terrible. The software behind documents has been stagnant for about 30 years, and what Qwilr has done has been to fully embrace the web.

So, we've made a way to make simple webpages as easily as documents, except that the web can do so much more.

Jimmy: Okay, so am I correct in assuming then that maybe this design part of the document, you guys handle as well, so users will not need to design or anything?

Mark: Mark: Totally. So, Qwilr does a lot of work in the backend to make all of the Qwilr that are created beautiful. Users can totally customize it and make anything look how they want to, but there's a lot of help and a lot of thought has been put into how the design part works, as well as just the general intelligence that sits behind Qwilr, which really allows us to empower our customers to know a lot more that you won't in a traditional PDF or Word Doc, et cetera.

Jimmy: So, you mentioned that you help businesses close a lot more sales. How do you exactly go about doing that? How have you seen Qwilr play a role in closing more sales?

Mark: For sure. So, there's a few things within this. The first part is that because Qwilr's a webpage, there's a whole lot that you can do within that to speed up the sales cycle. So, when you send out a Qwilr page, you can be notified the first time your client uses it. You can have Qwilr analytics tells you how many times they've visited that page, what section of the page they spend the most time on. You can also have, within our quoting tool that is built into Qwilr, you can build a really great quote but you can also have the ability for your client to accept that quote immediately, doing e-sign as well. And then all of that information can automatically sync up with your accounting software and with your CRM software, so that you don't have to go and create an invoice, you don't have to go log back into your CRM and sort of manually update it. It allows that sales cycle to be much, much faster.

On the other side, sending a website for a proposal is just amazing, and the amount - to be frank, all of the other cool stuff that we do, the thing that our customers love most is that you can make a beautiful website in minutes. It's very easy to reuse previous work that you've done with Qwilr. It's very easy to get started, and the impact of having a Qwilr or having a meeting with a client and then being able to send them a website as your proposal, a beautiful website with video and embedded media and a whole bunch of other cool stuff, just blows them away. This is the 21st century. That's now something you do. It's not some crappy old PowerPoint deck or a Word doc. It's just really beautiful, and dynamic, and yes, it looks great.

Earlier in our history, Qwilr was very much around startups and around agencies. So, we had - I think startups are always generally really adoptive, but on the agency side, we had digital agencies, creative agencies, web agencies; a lot of marketing and advertising agencies jump on board with Qwilr, because there are companies that want to show off that they have a great brand, they want to be engaged on the best ways to communicate. They also, I think, want to differentiate themselves and want to show that they're different. So, they really love Qwilr on the design side and on the fact that you're sending a website and things like that.

But as we've moved forward, especially as we've built out analytics, we've built out security, and we've built out a bunch of tools that allow a much more efficient use of Qwilr and allow you to do some really powerful things and become much more powerful in that groups ranging from consultancies of all different shapes and sizes, through to - to be frank - more and more intersales teams. Because sales teams, even in a range of different companies, have to send out a lot of different sales collateral, and Qwilr makes that look fantastic. It makes it always on-brand. It gives you a lot of interesting data in the backend, and then also it's just a much easier, simpler system to use.