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Cloud-based sales conversion platform and CRM

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SanityOS use case: Michael Sparns

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12th of September, 2016
Ideal for Small- Medium B2B Businesses

I head a senior team in a global IT firm so I certainly have a lot of background info on CRM and Lead management software systems. I co-invest in a number of B2B businesses and needed to bring organisation to their sales funnel and processes. I tried a lot of solutions out there including mainstream systems to unheard of. When I came across Sanity OS I remember thinking if I could build my own Lead management software this is precisely how I would do so. It's great for Small - Medium businesses and has contributed to explosive outbound sales and marketing activity.

What do you like best?

You can build your own user interface, send mass marketing emails, book appointments, call backs and its all super-easy and super logical.

What do you dislike?

Access to using API's are not included in their price, we found we didn't actually need them in the end but it would be a nice to have.

Why did you end up selecting SanityOS over other applications?

I was very innovative and forward thinking

If so, why did you switch?

Team were getting entangled with doing more Zoho related stuff then selling.

What is your main use case with SanityOS?

B2B Sales and marketing

Give one example how SanityOS has improved the way your organization functions

Using Lead distribution my teams productivity is up significantly and I can see positive results vs negative in real-time on any device. Hits the nail on the head

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Recommendations to others considering SanityOS

We own a number of growing B2B businesses operating in Solar, Coffee Vending and Office supplies. Sanity OS has worked great for all of them. It's extremely smart and makes sense throughout. When I've adopted solutions in the past it's taken weeks to get my team working together in Sanity OS it took a day. Well done- Highly Recommended.

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6-12 months

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