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Selectica CPQ

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Selectica CPQ overview

What is Selectica CPQ?

Selectica CPQ is a complete management tool that coordinates sales activities, manages staff and clients as well as quotation generation. All quotes are based on the sales effectiveness of particular packages and customer prospects. TheSelectica CPQ application is completely transparent and can create permissions so only particular staff see certain figure.

The entire Selectica CPQ platform acts as an enterprise social network that allows the continuous flow of data and information from sales managers to sales reps as well as documents all contracts. The Selectica CPQ tool is available in a demo version and the fulls packages come with support.


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Selectica CPQ features


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Key features of Selectica CPQ

  • Auto-quotation generation
  • Matches clients to packages
  • Internal communication tool
  • Manage sales success
  • Client management
  • Identifies best value leads
  • Custom dashboard
  • Custom analytics
  • Download reports
  • Assess staff productivity
  • Produces contracts
  • Manage expenditure
  • Mobile compatible
  • Manage channel performance
  • Create user permissions
  • Manager - rep liaison
  • SalesForce/NetSuite integrations
  • Free eBook
  • Online demo available
  • Bespoke packages
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Quotation generation and management: Selectica CPQ facilitates a sales algorithm that identifies your most profitable/common sales packages and matches them to the best potential clients. The whole Selectica CPQ platform is completely transparent and sales managers can review all outgoing contracts.

Dashboard and reporting: The Selectica CPQ user dashboard is complete customizable and inter-changable to suit your reporting needs. By creating custom reports you can view real-time analytics get a first hand view on what channels are most important for you.

Mobile and smart phone compatibility: The complete Selectica CPQ desktop application is completely responsive and optimizable on smart phone devices. This function enables you to view real-time reports out of office and on the go, also allowing your field sales teams fully transparency.

Assessment and auditing: The reporting functions within the Selectica CPQ dashboard allow managers to monitor staff performances and give the ability to communicate with sales reps in the field. Each user has a customizable Selectica CPQ profile with certain permissions based on their position.

Demo, sales and support: The Selectica CPQ team provide complete sales support to advise on the most suitable sales management package for your sales team. A demo version is also available upon request and ongoing support is provided.