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Tellwise overview

Tellwise is sales acceleration software that is designed to bring multi-channel communication to the places users already work, such as Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, and more. The platform offers an integrated approach that allows sales professionals to create and respond to emails from the tools where they spend most of their time.

With Tellwise’s open tracking feature, users can track when and where a customer has opened their emails. The software provides real-time information when customers open emails, with location and device information. All links sent to customers are automatically tracked and updated in connected CRM systems. Tellwise also converts email into a real-time chat opportunity with customers, through a personalized portal which offers instant messaging features.

Tellwise’s dialer allows users to create dialing lists and call their customers using local area codes. Real-time customer activity tracking provides users with the ability to instantly call customers when they are interacting with product or service content. Pre-recorded messages can be left for customers when a call goes through to voicemail. Tellwise also offers sales intelligence including ideal call times, campaign analytics, team activity tracking, customer engagement with content, and more.


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Tellwise screenshot: Tellwise lets users create and send emails, and chat with or call customersIntroduction to TellwiseTellwise screenshot: Users can chat or call customers with a single clickTellwise screenshot: All sent emails are tracked and users can view opens, clicks, and other dataTellwise screenshot: Activity feeds let users know when customers are interacting with their content

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Tellwise features

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API (129 other apps)
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Additional information for Tellwise

Key features of Tellwise

  • Call list management
  • Campaign analysis
  • Email integration
  • Email tracking
  • Engagement analytics
  • Follow-up scheduling
  • Instant messaging
  • Mail merge
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Opportunity management
  • Pre-recorded voicemail messages
  • Presentation slide sharing
  • Real-time customer activity tracking
  • Real-time reporting
  • SMS integration
  • Salesforce integration
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• Tellwise integrates with existing workflows and systems, including Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Salesforce, allowing users to work within familiar interfaces.

• Instant messaging allows users to interact with prospects while they interact with content, to initiate a conversation.

• Customer activity is updated in Tellwise in real time, empowering users to reach out to customers when they are already engaged.

• Users can share documents, videos, and presentations with prospects without needing to install any software.

• Tellwise’s dialer allows users to manage call lists, create pre-recorded messages for customer voicemails, and contact engaged prospects with a single click.