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ThinkSmartOne™ is an app to motivate teams with incentives and gamification. It allows users to improve performance on any activity that can be tracked in Salesforce (sales, customer care, training, wellness). Sales activities being the most popular use.

It helps users to improve Salesforce adoption and data quality and to recognize teams with leaderboards and badges. ThinkSmartOne is an intuitive way to improve performance for any size company, all within

An incentive rule gallery with popular templates allows any manager to run an incentive program in real-time with automated calculations, communication and reporting. The in-app reward catalog provides a turnkey reward solution. No more spreadsheets.

Any manager can create their own custom incentive programs around any standard or custom fields using the intuitive incentive wizard. Programs include personalized recognition, gamification (points, levels, leaderboards, badges, etc.), tangible and intangible rewards and hierarchical reporting.


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United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Mexico

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English, Spanish
ThinkSmartOne™ screenshot: Home - Transforming how companies use Motivation: It's not just about salesWhat is ThinkSmart for Salesforce?ThinkSmartOne™ screenshot: Reward Catalog - Point-based System with RewardsThinkSmartOne™ screenshot: Reporting - Analyze your Motivation Campaigns ResultsThinkSmartOne™ screenshot: Incentive Portal - Boost Motivation & Drive PerformanceThinkSmartOne™ screenshot: Leaderboards and Badges - Spice Up your Sales Process with Gamification!ThinkSmartOne™ screenshot: Hidden Rules - Check today’s Behaviors to improve tomorrow’s Performance.ThinkSmartOne™ screenshot: Integration - Your Motivation tab in Salesforce

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ThinkSmartOne™ features

Activity Tracking
Sales Analytics

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For Sales Leaders, ThinkSmartOne is the best all inclusive tool to improve performance among all Sales performance and motivation apps because it allows managers to launch any motivation strategy to improve any process in Salesforce using any source of data.