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Unboxed Advisor

5 sales enablement tools in 1 powerful platform

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Unboxed Advisor overview

Unboxed Assistant is a guided selling tool that works alongside sales teams and reps to deliver better customer service. The secure enterprise-ready software can be accessed within the cloud via a natively installed iPad, mobile web app or indeed deployed via self-service sales kiosks. By supporting the public-facing sales experience, Unboxed Assistant not only aids reps to deliver a consistent message but also a customized conversation based on consumer need. Via a series of assessment questions the platform filters the decision-making process, utilizing a unique recommendation engine. By inputting customer needs and wants, the system encourages more confident purchases by suggesting sales solutions tailored to individuals.

Unboxed Assistant captures all this sales information along the way, leveraging genuine customer data for reporting and developing strategy. The software’s integrated logic for boosting upsell and cross-selling opportunities also empowers reps to recommend associated sales, aided by streamlined catalog querying for only the most relevant products. Use Advisor tools to explain potentially complicated product or service options, while a Resource Library centralizes the sharing of sale brochures and assets.


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Unboxed Advisor screenshot: Needs-based web assessment questionsUnboxed Advisor: 5 sales enablement tools in 1 powerful platformUnboxed Advisor screenshot: Unboxed Assistant makes needs-based recommendationsUnboxed Advisor screenshot: Resource Library for centralizing brochures and assetsUnboxed Advisor screenshot: Account managementCustom Training: Live-action Simulation eLearning

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Unboxed Advisor features

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Key features of Unboxed Advisor

  • Manage new and existing customer accounts
  • Resource Library for sharing brochures and sales materials
  • Capture customer interactions and sales data
  • View strategic sales reports based on real customer data
  • Accessible via mobile web app and native iPad app
  • Customizable set of needs assessment questions
  • Shows only relevant products or services from entire catalog
  • Use Advisors feature to explain complex products & services
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Unboxed Assistant is deployable across a range of devices to provide sales reps or kiosks with a public-facing sales experience ensuring consistency of service.

The system boasts recommendation tools based around customer need, using their own inputs to inspire more confident purchases and capture valuable sales data.

Keep the recommendation process more streamlined with Assistant’s smart filtering of product catalogs in order to only list or suggest the most relevant solutions.

Support reps with a Resource Library archive of sales brochures and sharable assets, while providing Advisors for intuitively explaining complex products.

Look after account information, add new ones and send sales recommendations to Salesforce with full account management tools.