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Vistaar overview

Vistaar is a price and promotion management software designed to assist companies in achieving best practices for pricing through a combination of price list management, price analytics, price optimization, and deal management. The system offers solutions for businesses in the consumer goods, beverage alcohol, manufacturing, and retail pharmacy industries, among others.

Vistaar enables users to run ‘what if’ scenarios to analyze the potential impact on profit or revenue of new product launches, changes to pricing strategies, pricing tiers, discount structures, and specific contracts or deals. Rapid iteration models can be developed for scenario analysis across all business data cross-sections. Scenarios can also be compared, and users can analyze the cascading effects of scenarios.

Vistaar allows users to build multidimensional data models, which can be integrated with internal and external systems and data sources to provide insight into market trends, past sales, channel partner performance, product lifecycles, and more. Customer willingness-to-pay can be modelled with a combination of statistical technology and business analysis, and sales results can be analyzed in detail at different sales hierarchy levels. Users can also create scorecards by sales, region, product, or channel partner performance.

Vistaar can also be used to maintain deal and pricing audit trails, including changes, reviews, and approvals, and checks and balances can be built in to prevent rogue discounting. Deal process workflows can be set up to cover alerts, reviews, approvals, and analysis.


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Vistaar features

CRM Integration

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Key features of Vistaar

  • “What if” scenario analysis
  • Campaign planning
  • Channel partner performance analysis
  • Workflow creation
  • Discount management
  • CRM integrations
  • ERP integrations
  • Audit trails
  • Scorecards
  • Volume forecasting
  • Spend analysis
  • Campaign management
  • Local and regional results
  • User-defined pricing rules
  • Waterfall analysis
  • Approvals
  • Alerts
  • Pricing strategy enforcement
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Users can run ‘what if’ scenario analyses to evaluate the potential impact of pricing strategies, discount structures, deals, and more.

Multidimensional data models can be built to analyze product lifecycles, market trends, past
sales, and more, through integration with internal systems and external data sources.

Scorecards can be created per product, region, or channel partner to judge performance.

Audit trails can be created for specific deals and pricing, including changes, reviews, and approvals.

Checks and balances can be built in to prevent rogue discounting.

Workflows can be configured to adapt to process or business changes, with users able to define pricing rules and policies.