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  • Published 28 September 2016 by Deeksha Malik
    Worried that you’re charging too much for your products or services and putting people off? Or maybe you’re laying awake in bed at night wondering if you could be charging more and boosting your profit margins? With the help of pricing optimization software you can make sure you’re hitting the pricing sweet spots and keep tabs … Continue Reading
    How to Choose Pricing Optimization Software to Boost Your Profit Margins
  • Published 29 July 2016 by Matt Mullarkey-Toner
    Looking for a sales management solution, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry: we’ve put together a handy checklist to make sure that you know what features to look out for and what you should expect from a sales management solution. Scroll below the image to download a copy of the sales management checklist. … Continue Reading
    What to Look for in a Sales Management Solution: A Handy Checklist
  • Published 20 April 2016 by Stephanie Miles
    If you’re pouring over this year’s budget you might wish you had a crystal ball to help you look for clues into the future of your company’s IT spending requirements. But even without a crystal ball, you can now use sophisticated forecasting technology to predict future trends for monitored infrastructure, based on the prior performance … Continue Reading
    How to Use Forecasting to Plan for Future IT Spending Requirements
  • Published 17 March 2016 by Suzie Blaszkiewicz
    Infusionsoft is a powerful solution devoted to helping small businesses get the most out of their sales and marketing efforts, and through its integrations, you can power up the software to work with other tools in your company’s app stack. Founded in 2001 in Arizona, Infusionsoft began as a sales automation platform, adding more features after multiple rounds … Continue Reading
    How to Find the Right Infusionsoft Integration
  • Published 3 March 2016 by Karen McCandless
    Don’t know where your latest deal is in your sales pipeline? Not even sure what a sales pipeline is (maybe something to do with plumbing?) If this sounds familiar, chances are you’re using the typical go-to piece of tech that most people turn to when they are not quite sure what they’re doing or looking … Continue Reading
    Top 10 Excel Alternatives for Managing Your Sales Pipeline
  • Published 7 January 2016 by Karen McCandless
    In the “good old days” of B2B selling, you’d call in person on your customer to chat through your product and – depending on the goods you were selling – either show them the item or flip through a catalog. You’d do the research, find the client, carry out the demo, close the sale, and … Continue Reading
    6 Ways Specialized Sales Teams Improve Lead Generation
  • Published 3 August 2015 by Karen McCandless
    Breaking into a new software category is a tough job, but it is one that iPresent CEO Phil Lenton is more than happy to take on. Sales engagement (also known as sales enablement, which means improving the way salespeople communicate with customers through the content they offer in a pitch) is the category in question, … Continue Reading
    GetApp Meets: iPresent CEO Phil Lenton on Conquering Sales Engagement
  • Published 3 July 2015 by Karen McCandless
    How much time does your sales force actually spend selling? According to CSO Insights, it’s a worryingly low 37 per cent. The reality is that sales reps are often burdened with cumbersome administrative tasks, such as data entry and managing their pipeline. But the pay off for automating these processes is significant, with the same … Continue Reading
    8 Sales Automation Apps That Will Bring Your Leads to Life
  • Published 25 June 2015 by Karen McCandless
    If the days of spreadsheets, inboxes, and colorful Post-It notes system have lost their luster, congratulations! You’re ready to choose a sales CRM system. You’ve joined those who see their CRM software as an investment, not an expense. So let’s talk about how to make this investment smart. You’ve accepted the promise of the CRM … Continue Reading
    Demystifying CRM Pricing Structures: True Cost Versus Smoke and Mirrors
  • Published 15 January 2015 by Todd Spear
    When starting a small business, you might not think it’s important to manage the few leads you have, at first. This is a common misconception. The thinking is: “I’ll deal with it later.” But you’re hurting your fledgling business when you look at it that way.The sooner you get on top of your leads, the … Continue Reading