Lead Management Software

What is Lead Management Software?

Lead management software provides users with the ability to capture, route, score, and nurture their sales leads. Sales reps and lead buyers can use these tools to generate leads as well as to follow their progress across the entire lead management cycle from acquisition to conversion. Through appropriate lead distribution and lead nurturing, these applications optimize the chances of converting leads into customers.

The lead generation features of these applications can work hand-in-hand with marketing efforts to optimize your use of SEO, paid search, email marketing, social media and telemarketing campaigns to capture leads. Once leads are captured, these apps traditionally offer CRM capabilities to record customer data, conversation and interactions.

Lead tracking features help you nurture leads and ensure opportunities don't fall through the cracks by providing automated follow-up services and contact reminders. This is aided by lead rating and scoring tools which help you to determine the potential of each lead and its likelihood to convert to a sale. Along with helping to prioritize, lead scoring will also help you to match the right sales reps to the right leads, and the right consumers to the right products and services. These features ensure sales teams close more deals and lead buyers to choose the best leads to sell and to whom.

By evaluating and filtering leads, lead management software can also help you identify the best acquisition channels, and refine and evaluate your sales process. Many apps will provide insights and reports on staff performance and can be used to set future goals and milestones. Through KPI reports and analytics, lead management software provides you with a better understanding of your sales process and helps you identify areas for improvement.

Lead management solutions can benefit businesses of all sizes looking for better insight into their sales processes, to keep a closer eye on their leads and to monitor the performance of their sales teams. These solutions might cover all areas of the lead life-cycle or specify in just one area, such as lead generation. Along with these stand-alone applications, a large majority of CRM applications offer lead management capabilities.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lead follow up and reminders
  • Historical recording of leads, customer profiles and interactions
  • Lead generation and acquisition
  • Sales pipeline overview and analysis
  • Lead verification and scoring
  • Lead nurturing and optimization
  • Lead allocation and routing
  • Lead delivery and recycling