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Amtel MDM

Mobile Device Management | Mobile Security | BYOD Management

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Amtel MDM Feature Summary

  • Detect and quarantine Jailbreak or Rooted devices
  • Restrict user access to apps and widgets on Android
  • Remotely lock/unlock lost or stolen devices
  • Limit browsing to selected URLs
  • Selective or full remote wipe of content on devices
  • Active Directory or LDAP integration and role-based admin
  • Centrally configure Email, Wi-Fi, VPN, LDAP settings
  • GPS and network based location tracking of devices
  • Restrict camera or NFC at sensitive locations
  • Geofencing with location based access control
  • Configure whitelist and blacklist policies for apps
  • Real-time alerts and notifications with usage monitoring
  • Deploy enterprise app store for in-house apps
  • Self enrollment via email, SMS, URL or QR Code link
  • Manage VPP licenses on Apple devices
  • Private cloud with reliable SSAE16 Type II compliant hosting
  • Centrally configure and push out enterprise access settings
  • Unified console for mobile security, app, expense management
  • Push content updates centrally to secure container
  • End-to-end mobile lifecycle management

Amtel MDM Features In Depth

Setting Geofencing Boundaries

Using Amtel MDM’s geofencing solution provides businesses with a way to automatically activate or deactivate device features, and restrict access to specific apps or corporate data, based on the GPS location of enrolled mobile devices. As devices move into and out of geofence boundaries, security policies can be adjusted to block market app access or disable cameras to protect corporate information.

Set up a geofence from within the cloud-based platform, and then select which actions should occur when a mobile device is located within the fence you’ve created. You can do things like prevent employees from using their smartphone cameras inside the office or restricting access to certain apps inside the classroom (for education clients).

Restricting App Access

Amtel gives customers complete control over how their mobile devices are being used when their employees are both inside and outside of the office. For example, a business that doesn’t want its employees visiting YouTube on corporate-owned devices can restrict access to the site across hundreds, or even thousands, of smartphones and tablets. Businesses also have control over everything with regard to storage media, and SD cards can be enabled or disabled remotely.

To add restrictions to your employees’ mobile devices, click on the Restrictions tab. You have complete control over how your mobile devices are used. For example, if you want to limit certain accounts or prevent users from enabling certain features on their smartphones, like email, you can set up those restrictions through the Restrictions tab on your Amtel account.

Creating Application Blacklists and Whitelists

Organizations are able to take control over public mobile apps with custom blacklist and whitelist policies. Whitelisted apps are apps that an IT department and MDM admins have recognized as “safe” for the workplace. These are apps that have been granted permission to be used on iOS and Android devices. On the other hand, blacklisted apps are restricted from use.

To whitelist and blacklist specific market apps in your own organization, visit the dashboard and select which device group you’d like to set a new policy for. Click “Whitelisted Apps” and search for any applications you’d like to add to your list. As the admin, you have the choice to make whitelisted apps optional or mandatory.

Tracking Expenses

The mobile expense management module provides organizations with insight into how much they’re paying for mobile communications each month and how those costs are being utilized. Amtel’s mobile and telecom expense control solution can be used to generate reports to notify admins of usage spikes, adjust workflows based on e-procurement with carriers, and audit bills for cost optimization.

Visit the expense management module to see what your organization is spending on mobile and telecom fees. In addition to showing you the mobile average costs per line, based on carriers, Amtel will also provide insight into telecom charge trends month-over-month. You can see how invoices are being billed by various carriers, and view the status of any active e-procurements.

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