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Reliable, cost-effective datacenter protection.

Even a small amount of downtime in today’s accelerated business environment, can cause expensive headaches for most organizations. When it comes to critical systems, you need continuous availability because any unplanned outage or interruption can cause serious damage to your company.

Regardless of how you’re currently backing up your data, you still need a means of providing uninterrupted service in the event of a server failure or disaster.

With Storagepipe’s High-Availability service, your company can instantly switch over to a temporary emergency datacenter without any noticeable interruption from your end-users’ perspective. This datacenter acts as a “parachute”, allowing your company to continue operations uninterrupted until the problem is fixed.

Best of all, this cost-effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is available without any capital investment, and can be quickly deployed throughout your organization without any major changes to your IT architecture.

How it works:
Storagepipe’s High Availability Service is an affordable and easy-to-use service that provides real-time data replication and failover for your physical and virtual servers. As a turnkey managed service, it delivers high application availability with no need to purchase, manage or maintain alternative disaster recovery facilities. We enable you to leverage our years of DR and business continuity experience and our secure, world class data centers to protect your critical applications and data.
The High Availability Service captures byte-level changes in real time and replicates them to our disaster recovery environment. We provide protection for primary or business critical servers such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), Oracle, SAP, and more. Ultimately it’s proven, flexible, and reliable data protection and failover for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Setup and Configuration
Working with Storagepipe’s systems analysts, you will craft a business continuity plan for your critical systems to identify the availability requirements and appropriate solutions. Then we work with you to deploy the software, configure the service and test the solution. Our Enterprise Install Console helps you deploy and maintain the ongoing server continuity throughout your business.
Storagepipe offers a Full-Server Failover to maximize uptime and which transfers your OS configuration, applications and data. Once all of your data has been replicated over to Storagepipe’s stand-by servers, updates will be performed continuously in order to ensure optimal synchronization. Using block-level incremental backup technology, Storagepipe is able to reduce the load on your bandwidth while uploading all changes in real-time.

Failover + Failback
Once your business continuity plan goes live, Storagepipe will begin monitoring your servers 24/7/365. The instant we detect a break in this connection, operations will be immediately transferred over to our secure datacenter. This process happens instantly, without any noticeable disruption for your end-users.
Our datacenter will act as a temporary operations center for your company until you can recover from the technical failure. At this point, simply initiate the failback process and your primary business systems will instantly take over.
By providing comprehensive data and systems protection including High-Availability Services, Email Archiving & Online Backup, Storagepipe gives you cost-effective end-to-end protection from a single source. Contact us today and find out how we can help simplify & automate your disaster recovery & regulatory compliance processes.

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Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
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Key Features of Business Continuity

  • Block-Level Incremental Transfers
  • 24/7 Real-Time Replication
  • Automatic Failover
  • Live Phone Support
  • Broad Platform and Application Support
  • Trusted Provider


Fully Automated
Prevent Unplanned Downtime

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