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What is email2?

email2 is transforming how corporations are handling and transmitting sensitive information with their clients, partners and stakeholders. We protect sensitive information with our highly reliable, leading-edge security platform, creating a trusted ‘Private Email Network’ for confidential conversations and delivering information securely, in an unmatched, easy-to- use and cost-effective manner.
The email2 Security Platform helps corporations meet email encryption regulations. It includes compliance enhancements such as secure large file transfers, real-time audit-trail, complete message recall and Data Leak Prevention. The email2 Platform enables secure communications using existing email programs that users are familiar with such as Microsoft Outlook®, Webmail, the Blackberry® and iPhone®. It works with established email addresses, offering the highest level of security, integrity and productivity; it employs highly effective encryption, without requiring complex programs, certificates or servers to manage.

Security & Compliance:
• Security without the complications: no keys to deploy & manage and under two-minute user set-up. End-to- End security with dual encryption; 128bit SLL transmissions and AES 256bit 'at-rest' data storage; Same security technologies as Internet banking.
• Unique non-invasive technology allows seamless secure communications with thousands of internal and external users. Stop worrying about sensitive information falling in the wrong hands and meet email encryption regulations.

Multi-client Security & Productivity: Outlook, Webmail, Blackberry…
• Send & Receive secure messages as easily as standard email with Microsoft Outlook, Webmail and Smartphones such as Blackberry, iPhone, etc.
• Enable security and unique productivity features within existing email programs that users are familiar with, deployed within minutes with minimal training and no user workflow changes.

Compatible with all Email Addresses and Mail Servers:
• Compatible with any email address or mail server, and offers a zero download approach for all senders and recipients.
• Increase customer satisfaction by clearly indicating that you are protecting their information from falling in the wrong hands.

Guaranteed Delivery and Audit Trail:
• Overnight mail replacement through guaranteed delivery of secure messages & attachments and real time tracking audit-trail to prove it, using our unique message tracking technology.
• See when recipients have read, replied to and forwarded your messages (and to whom, if allowed). Ensure non repudiation between entities by knowing when messages are read and forwarded.

Unique Delivery Slip: Your Window to the Message
• The Delivery Slip is a window to the secure message. Recipients can access information about the Private Email Network used, the sender, the recipients and what actions have been performed on the message.
• Quickly review message metadata, such as real time tracking, with any secure message. Start composing a basic email message and use the Delivery Slip to change to a secure message while composing.

Permission-based Intellectual Property Protection:
• Control forwarding permissions with our uniquely patented 'ForwardFreeze' technology. Set PDF attachments to be only viewable 'on screen' with our unique 'ScreenFreeze' technology.
• Exchange confidential information knowing that your data is protected. Disabling printing of PDF attachment files ensures your intellectual property remains secure.

Securely Deliver & Receive Attachments of Any Size:
• Gigabyte file transfer & management without FTP, directly in Outlook, no links to click, no separate website navigation.
• Avoid limitation policies set by receiving organizations and eliminate complicated FTP set-ups or user workflow changes with our unique permission-based attachment library.


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email2 seems to be broken

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Reviewed 2017-06-23
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* Doesn't support HTTPS, so can't guarantee any security! * Site is broken * Doesn't seem to even work

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Safely bring the email2 Security Platform into your organization without infrastructure changes or complex server configurations. Works with your existing email server and email address.

Per seat or enterprise licensing with complete support & maintenance packages.

SaaS / Cloud (On-demand): 10 minute corporate configuration / 30-second user install)
5 to 100,000 Premium Users, up to 1,000,000 Guest Users

email2 features

API (99 other apps)
Access Control (74 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (56 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (39 other apps)
Audit Trail (39 other apps)
Auditing (61 other apps)
Authentication (49 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (39 other apps)
Compliance Management (77 other apps)
Monitoring (88 other apps)
Password Management (40 other apps)
Permission Management (40 other apps)
Policy Management (42 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (42 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (53 other apps)
SSL Security (45 other apps)
Secure Data Storage (40 other apps)
Single Sign On (44 other apps)
Third Party Integration (49 other apps)
Two-Factor Authentication (43 other apps)

Additional information for email2

Key features of email2

  • Multi-client Security & Productivity Security
  • Compatible with all Email Addresses and Mail Servers
  • Guaranteed Delivery and Audit Trail
  • Permission-based Intellectual Property Protection
  • Securely Deliver & Receive Attachments of Any Size
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP) with Smart Content Filtering
  • Complete Message Recall
  • Double Authentication Factor & Non-Repudiation
  • Print-to-Secure-Message Printer Driver
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API)
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Data Leak Prevention (DLP) with Smart Content Filtering:
• Preemptive DLP feature with a powerful function to quickly make global rule changes to all employees. Users are prompted pre-emptively 'on send' to make appropriate corrections.
• Avoid brand-damaging and financial liabilities caused by improper data leaks such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and reduce training costs by 'catching' errors prior to data leaving the organization.

Complete Message Recall:
• Completely and ‘truly’ recall your secure messages and all attachments with our unique permission-based database messaging architecture.
• Allow secure messages sent in error to be completely recalled and removed from the recipient’s local email programs at any point during the life cycle of the conversation, even if the message has already been read.

Double Authentication Factor & Non-Repudiation:
• Unique features such as 'For Your Eyes Only' allows user to assign secret passwords to specific communications.
• Increase non-repudiation between entities and prevent unauthorize usages of your email account.

Print-to-Secure-Message Printer Driver:
• Unique printer appliance allows sending of traditionally printed material to a secure message, to any recipients.
• Print to secure message from within any third party application such as ERP or CRM. Send printed data securely instead of unsecure PDF, fax or overnight courier.

Super Secure: ‘Disable Local Store’:
• Unique ‘Disable Local Store’ technology allows sending organization to prevent local storing of secure messages in recipient’s local email client or server.
• Prevent any user outside your organization from saving and archiving secure messages locally (e.g. Exchange Server), increasing security of your data.

User Group Management:
• Enable assignment of special privileges and feature set access through custom Membership Packages.
• Automatically set proper user access rights based on email domain. Allow secure communications with internal and external parties such as partners, clients and off-site employees with minimal training and appropriate permissions. Disable feature access such as ‘Message Recall’ per user-group or Private Email Network.

Email Aliases Management:
• Email aliases are often created within an organization so that multiple versions of an email address can reroute all traffic to a final email account. The email2 platform supports email aliases.
• Email aliases can be self configured by each Member under the ‘Tools’ section of the Webmail client, or set by the Administrator on behalf of the Member.

Archiving, Indexing and Searchability:
• ‘Bolt on’ approach to your existing infrastructure leaves zero footprint. Data can be stored within existing email server un-encrypted, or exported to any archiving system through our API Connector.
• Users can still search for content in secure messages, all enterprise indexing and archiving systems continue working without any special configurations.

Secure e-Forms: Capture Information from any Webpage
• Secure e-Forms make sharing confidential information with your organization easy. e-Forms can be located on any webpage and creates a secure transaction by sending a secure message to the desired recipient(s).
• Accept data input from clients directly on your website and allow them to contact your employees securely, including large attachments. Reduce phishing and spam by not posting any email addresses on your website.

Powerful Application Programming Interface (API):
• Our full featured developer API exposes commands to third party developers that wish to integrate the email2 platform with their applications, or even create standalone modules.
• Easily automate information delivery in a secure manner such as employee statements, invoices, etc. Become greener and reduce paper consumption.