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GDC Global Gateway

Electronic Identity Verification Solution

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GDC Global Gateway overview

What is GDC Global Gateway?

Our system helps you by automatically changing entry fields to the unique requirements of the country being searched. This increases the accuracy of the information being entered and helps promote stability with your own system. Regulations are easily met and risks are mitigated.

On the forefront of AML Compliance Tools with Global Gateway - Implement cost-saving anti money laundering processes and meet Patriot Act requirements using GDC solutions.

Global Data Company has data capabilities in over 30 countries spanning five continents giving you global identity verification through a single integration. We can help you with:

Name verification
Date-of-birth verification
Address verification
Identity validation
Telephone number connection
Watchlist screening
Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance (AML/KYC)


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United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom

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GDC Global Gateway features

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Additional information for GDC Global Gateway

Key features of GDC Global Gateway

  • Anti-money laundering mitigation
  • Age and identity verification
  • Integration options
  • Country specific entry screens
  • Permissible use protections
  • Reliable data sources in more than 30 countrie
  • Automatically changes entry fields by country
  • Unique portal interface or system integration
  • Multi-source solution
  • Identity verification at account onset
  • Meet requirements enacted by legislation
  • Examine existing customers to verify record details
  • 3 billion records spanning over 95+ trusted sources
  • Ensure account due diligence
  • Age verification
  • Address legislative requirements
  • Counter-Terrorism Financing (AFL/CTF) and fraud compliance
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- Electronic identity verification resources for AML compliance around the world.

- On-demand access to more than 3 billion records across 30+ countries.

- Seemless identity check service for anti money laundering compliance

If you are in a regulated industry, we can help you address legislative requirements for Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AFL/CTF) as well as fraud compliance.

Our online electronic verification resources help you effectively support consistent policies across multiple regions.