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Enterprise-level security technology for SMBs

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OmniNet overview

OmniNet is an enterprise-level security solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It is an affordable cyber security option that delivers the latest threat intelligence technology used by federal government and fortune 500 companies. OmniNet provides users with all the tools necessary for network protection, and is completely customizable for any business.

In the cloud, bandwidth resources are many times greater than the average small business. OmniNet helps them avoid bandwidth pollution by providing a “clean pipe”, blocking unwanted traffic and threats in the core. The solution offers a security stack that inspects all traffic at wire speed. All data goes through a vigorous screening process that detects and blocks malware, malicious links or content, and threats or intrusions.

The robust filtering process is enforced on both incoming and outbound traffic, so anything going in or out of an organization’s network is thoroughly cleaned. OmniNet leverages cloud technology to ensure protection is always up to date, and offers the highest grade protection using Fortinet / Fortiguard technologies, a market leader in the unified threat management sector.


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OmniNet screenshot: Users can select the business systems they use, for optimized communications MyDigitalShield 60 Second ExplanationOmniNet screenshot: Users can adjust their security settings, web filtering options, and application filtering for malwareOmniNet screenshot: The solution adapts to each industry including retail, services and officeOmniNet screenshot: OmniNet offers a variety of customizable cloud-based security solutions

OmniNet reviews

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Karen Shoffner

Peace of Mind

Reviewed 2015-02-06
Review Source: Capterra

I have been self employed for 33 years. I deal with State and Federal agencies every day, all day. I was having problems with continuous popups, to the point of interference with my entire working day. My email was also hacked which caused me much worry. I thought I was protected by having the "popular" antivirus software on my computer. I found out real quick, when I contacted them for their support and help, that it didn't cover the so called viruses my computer had been hit with. I was virtually put OUT OF BUSINESS. I was really stressed. It was 4th quarter and year end reporting time for me. Then, through a friend, I found out about My Digital Shield. Since the installation of My Digital Shield I now have peace of mind and no worries that my information can be compromised. I am thrilled at the affordability and performance of the product. Since the installation I'm no longer bothered by popups, ads, or threats and can finish my daily tasks in half the time it was taking me before. I would and have highly recommended this product to many of my customers and will continue to do so. When you're self employed you don't need the worries of anything like what happened to me before My Digital Shield came along. I feel confident this product has saved me much worry, stress, and money. I will continue to subscribe to it as long as I'm around. Also, and very importantly, My Digital Shield not only protects my business, it protects my entire family and their personal devices throughout my entire home.

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Kevin Mabry

Great Network Security product!!!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-07-08
Review Source: Capterra

We are a Managed Security service provider for small businesses and we love MDS products because they offer the best value for small businesses.The price point for small businesses.

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Jahswill Ugbomah

Best protection software for its price

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-07-24
Review Source: Software Advice

Great software overall[ts quite cheap and easy to use.i also enjoyed its cloud functionality hence ability to log in and use in any part of the world.

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Andy Sims

Amazing innovation in cyber security

Reviewed 2017-02-17
Review Source: Capterra

I'm very amazing at this new approach to simplify cybersecurity. It truly is everything they claim. I'm looking forward to seeing this company grow. Installation was very easy. management is very intuitive and very easy. (might lack enterprise feature, but they say they target SME's) support was top notch. It's a service, it simple, it works very well. It's like the iPhone simplicity of cybersecurity.

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Vlad Romanchik

What a great product. I wish I found this before.

Reviewed 2015-02-06
Review Source: Software Advice

It is extremely simple; it works very well. There's no annoying stuff like with the desktop antivirus I had before. It's very fast, too. Usually, security means slow and problems, but we haven't had any slowness or problems.

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OmniNet pricing

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OmniNet features

Application Security
SSL Security

API (59 other apps)
Access Control (38 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (33 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (18 other apps)
Audit Trail (21 other apps)
Auditing (43 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (22 other apps)
Compliance Management (32 other apps)
Password Management (26 other apps)
Permission Management (21 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (25 other apps)
Secure Data Storage (20 other apps)
Security Auditing (17 other apps)
Single Sign On (29 other apps)
Third Party Integration (28 other apps)
Two-Factor Authentication (27 other apps)

Additional information for OmniNet

Key features of OmniNet

  • Anti-malware
  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Firewall
  • Denial of service (DOS)
  • Advanced threat protection (ATP)
  • Malicious website protection
  • Botnet (malware communication)
  • Basic reporting
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Website filtering
  • Application control
  • Blocking of embargoed countries
  • Suspicious activity monitoring
  • Guest WiFi
  • LAN separation for dedicated PCI network
  • Simple management
  • Malware/virus protection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Data loss prevention
  • Web content filtering
  • Application control
  • Remote access
  • Cloud-link model
  • Cloud-link LAN ports
  • Cloud-link WAN port
  • Security bypass
  • Malicious activity alerts
  • 3rd party MDS connect
  • Dedicated static public IP
  • Port forwarding
  • Content block/allow
  • Multi-site VPN
  • 3rd party VPN
  • LAN networks
  • Wireless networks
  • Botnet protection
  • Malicious website protection (phishing, malware)
  • Advanced persistent threat protection
  • Quality of service for VOIP
  • Encryption
  • Reporting
  • Data leak prevention
  • Application control
  • Secure remote access (SSL VPN)
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OmniNet's data loss prevention (DLP) feature prevents sensitive data from leaving the network, such as credit card numbers, so customers can be served with confidence.

OmniNet offers malicious website protection from malware sites and blocks phishing.

The solution provides production networks with an isolated guest WiFi connection for secure visitor access.

OmniNet blocks any nonproductive or dangerous applications with the application control feature.

The solution supports the blocking of embargoed countries by the United States and the European Union.