Top Business Apps for September 2015

The GetApp "Top Business Apps" ranking is based on a composite algorithm that incorporates several criteria, including listing popularity on GetApp, number of user reviews and comments, social media presence such as Twitter and Facebook followers, volume and quality of integration points, and input from analyst reports. Those Apps represent a wide variety of software which enable you to enhance your productivity and your business success. The list is updated monthly and includes the best 25 business apps from this ranking.

InsightlyReviews: 34
Avg rating: 3.76

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InsightlyCustomer Management
FreshdeskReviews: 18
Avg rating: 4.5

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FreshdeskCustomer Management
Salesforce Sales CloudReviews: 9
Avg rating: 3.78

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Salesforce Sales CloudCustomer Management
ZendeskReviews: 48
Avg rating: 4.35

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ZendeskCustomer Service & Support
WrikeReviews: 106
Avg rating: 4.46

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WrikeProject Management & Planning
LiquidPlannerReviews: 5
Avg rating: 4.8

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LiquidPlannerProject Management & Planning
Desk.comReviews: 20
Avg rating: 4.45

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Desk.comCustomer Management
MavenlinkReviews: 21
Avg rating: 4.24

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MavenlinkProject Management & Planning
FreshBooksReviews: 6
Avg rating: 3.83

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FreshBooksFinance & Accounting
InfusionsoftReviews: 12
Avg rating: 4.0

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InfusionsoftCustomer Management
BambooHRReviews: 15
Avg rating: 4.73

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BambooHRHR & Employee Management
NetSuiteReviews: 14
Avg rating: 4.0

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NetSuiteOperations Management
SamanageReviews: 21
Avg rating: 4.81

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SamanageIT Management
Freshservice ServiceDeskReviews: 5
Avg rating: 4.2

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Freshservice ServiceDeskIT Management
PipedriveReviews: 44
Avg rating: 4.73

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PipedriveCustomer Management
LiveChatReviews: 24
Avg rating: 4.63

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LiveChatCustomer Service & Support
FreeAgent Reviews: 11
Avg rating: 4.55

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FreeAgent Finance & Accounting
Stitch LabsReviews: 81
Avg rating: 4.65

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Stitch LabsOperations Management
JIRAReviews: 55
Avg rating: 4.84

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JIRAProject Management & Planning
SlackReviews: 4
Avg rating: 4.75

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Pipeliner CRMReviews: 15
Avg rating: 4.93

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Pipeliner CRMCustomer Management
KickservReviews: 10
Avg rating: 4.9

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KickservOperations Management
eXo PlatformReviews: 40
Avg rating: 4.68

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eXo PlatformCollaboration
RingCentralReviews: 9
Avg rating: 4.67

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JIRA Service DeskReviews: 2
Avg rating: 5.0

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JIRA Service DeskCustomer Service & Support

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