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Automated FedEx & UPS shipping refunds

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71lbs Pricing

Pricing model: Free

71lbs work on a contingency basis. Refunds are paid directly to the customer by the carrier, and our fee is 50% of the collected refunds.

No sign-up fee
No monthly fees
No contract

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71lbs Pricing Reviews

1 reviewers had the following to say about 71lbs's pricing:

Matt H

A Consultant's Dream

Reviewed 2014-03-05
Review Source: GetApp

I've been recommending 71lbs to my clients for almost 2 years. It is an instant value add for what I do. It literally takes 45 seconds to sign up. Most of that time is finding FedEx account info. On average, my clients are getting over 5% shipping refunds. I use their services to add value to what I offer on initial meetings, walking clients through a signup while I'm in their office. This is one of those no-brainers that not many businesses know about.

45 second signup 5-10% refunds literally set and forget, client side is completely automated Free recovered expenses Shipping Analytics included

50% of refunds for service (although NONE of my clients would ever have the time to do this manually) invoiced monthly for any refunds. (You can add a credit card now to the account to continue automation)

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