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  • Published 5 April 2018 by Abhishek Singh
    In GetApp’s Solution Spotlight series, we explain which software is at the top of Google’s search engine results and how each can meet your specific needs. To identify the solutions featured here, we entered the term “courier software” in Google during the week of February 1, 2018, in an incognito window with the location set … Continue Reading
    Solution Spotlight: Google’s Most Popular Courier Software Explained
  • Published 20 February 2014 by Stephanie Miles
    71 Pounds Review – Helping businesses collect on shipping refunds Shipping costs can eat away at a company’s bottom line, but 71 Pounds has created a way for its users to get some of that money back. 71 Pounds is a software company that helps businesses collect on unpaid FedEx and UPS shipping refunds — potentially … Continue Reading
  • Published 5 December 2011 by Keean Persaud
      The cloud is great for small businesses! It has opened up previously costly software options.  As an example, not long ago supply chain software was unavailable to most businesses and now cloud-based software (or Software as a Service) has enabled smaller companies to compete where it was not possible before. Cloud computing proliferates through the … Continue Reading
    How the Cloud Can Make Small Businesses More Competitive