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Melanie Cauble, MA, LMFT
12th of February 20:19
Almost every need at a low price. I researched a lot of schedulers before picking Acuity. I appreciate their customizability. CC capture or pre-payment, or none- all can be chosen per-booking, for unique settings. Client login is optional, not required. I was amazed how easy the setup was. Having tried a few other services, and never having made it as far.. this was a nice thing! The calendar is implemented right on my website. Support is very responsive via email. The price is great, too! I didn't realize it at first, but the Google Sync Acuity offers is unique. Many offer one-way sync, or with only one Google calendar..which is a deal-breaker for me. I don't want to have to check multiple calendars to know I can book a client or not! This sync was also easy to set up, and works seamlessly. I did email them with some concerns. It appears they may have resolved the calendar display issue. I need to find a work-around for editing recurring blocks of time. So, while not ideal, Acuity works pretty well. I hope in the future they may come out with more GUI interface on editing blocks of time through click-drag, and the ability to edit single instances of recurring timeslots. A few providers mentioned encouraging back-to-back booking, which would be awesome integration, but the one I tried...never responded to my emails. It's a nice claim, and I'd love to see it, but that might be complicated integration. . Acuity is great bang for the buck with lots of customizability.

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