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Saphryn Shikaze
26th of August, 2014 02:21
Asana vs. Producteev. Asana and Producteev have been at each other's throats for the last few years now, but some of the key features that make a task management app excel remain in Asana territory. Here's why: WHAT BOTH APPS DO - Integrate with Sunrise (the only calendar app out there that makes you go, "finally, a calendar done right"). - Apply a top-to-bottom information architecture to the concept of productivity that goes as follows: - Workspace (Asana) or Network (Producteev) - think of these as departments or teams. - Projects - this is essentially a bundle of tasks. - Tasks - Subtasks - ie. the task "clean bedroom" might have subtasks "fold clothes" and "vacuum floor". - Allow conversations within tasks. Here, you can add comments, links to web documents, etc. WHAT ONLY ASANA DOES - Assign people, not only to projects and tasks, but to subtasks as well. In other words, with Asana, the task “clean bedroom” can be broken down by assigning subtasks - Stan to “fold clothes”, Kyle to “file papers”, Eric to “clean bathroom”, and Kenny to “vacuum floor”. In Producteev, subtasks cannot be assigned. You can only assign the entire task to, which makes it hard to identify who’s doing what. - Create a task description. Just like with Facebook newsfeeds, people’s comments and notes can get lost in the mix when working on a project with 4 or more people. Stan - “Where’s the link to the Google Doc?” Kyle - “I sent it to you.” Stan - “When?” Kyle - “Scroll up the comments to like 2 days ago.” Stan - “Oh, there it is… thanks.” Sometimes you just need a fixed (not streaming) space to put relevant information that you don’t want floating away down the river. Calendar links, Document links, Google Maps links… this is the perfect place for those. SUMMARY - All in all, I believe Asana definitely wins in the task management game by just a few features, but those features just so happen to be the ones that count.

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