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What is MarketStudio?

Questudio's CatalogStudio is a versatile online product information management (PIM) solution, providing the software to maintain rich product marketing content within a single centralized repository. Targeting the needs of manufacturers, distributors and catalogers, this turnkey product can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud to unify rich product content with publishing catalogs across via multiple marketing channels. Images, videos, PDFs, specification sheets, descriptions, prices and other documentation can be combined alongside the management of product attributes at a global level. Multiple catalogs can be complied, each with their own flexible hierarchies, unlimited levels and all the attributes needed to define product families, categories, varieties, sub-products and any related.

CatalogStudio facilitates catalog publishing to print, web or mobile, Amazon, eBay and other marketing outlets with support from a library of built-in templates. These allow "on demand" catalogs to be generated dynamically from CatalogStudio's database, a feature that also enables customers to create their own with website integration. The solution includes a proprietary InStudio plugin for publishing within Adobe InDesign CC, while additional integration options and API availability promises seamless connectivity with ERP, CRM or other accounting systems within the existing business infrastructure.


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MarketStudio screenshot: The CatalogStudio Dashboard showing filterable data summaries, for example modified recent product families and modified recent productsMarketStudio screenshot: The navigator panel facilitates a hierarchical tree-based explorer for drilling down into product categories and families, revealing a host of management optionsMarketStudio screenshot: The NewPDF catalog Project tab houses options for creating new PDF-based product catalogsMarketStudio screenshot: Catalogs can be published in Adobe InDesign CC using Questudio's proprietary InStudio plugin and via the Indesign project tabMarketStudio screenshot: Catalog and view multiple product varieties within a particular product type, assigning unique Product_ID identifiers to products of the same familyMarketStudio screenshot: The family preview for a demo collection of related replacement guard products, complete with product imagesMarketStudio screenshot: The family preview for a demo collection of related work light products, complete with product images

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Subscription based pricing starting at $390 per month is available.

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CatalogStudio allows all product information to be stored and managed within a centralized, single database repository for the purposes of publishing catalogs via a number of marketing channels such as print, PDF, web and mobile eCommerce, Amazon / eBay etc.

The software's global attribute manager enables all product attributes and characteristics to be defined at a global level to be mapped to the various levels of categories, product families, products and sub-products within the flexible product hierarchy of multiple catalogs.

PDF catalogs can be generated on-demand by leveraging dynamic product data within built-in templates, enabling customers to create custom PDF catalogs "on-the-fly" through a website.

By virtue of Questudio's proprietary InStudio plugin, product catalogs can also be published to Adobe InDesign CC where InDesign templates or new custom document templates can be employed to produce bespoke catalog designs.

CatalogStudio provides an open architecture for supporting a number of integration options for the necessary ERP, CRM or accounting application connectivity associated with a broader product information management repository.