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Contus Vplay

Video streaming solution

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Contus Vplay overview

Contus Vplay is a video on demand solution meant for video publishers, video creators, media houses, television channels and every other enterprise which uses video in their business or has video as their business.

It helps build a website that can stream videos and audio as video on demand, live streams or OTT TV. The website can be optimized for video delivery across several screen formats including mobile, web and smart TVs. The entire video management can be done from a single backend interface that is decked with features for batch video upload, scheduled video delivery, live video webcasting and so on.

The entire backend is hosted on cloud servers, the capacity of which can be increased and decreased as and when required by the business traffic volumes. Using elastic transcoders and video ingestion techniques, Contus Vplay helps video owners manage their video assets efficiently.

Contus Vplay helps above-mentioned types of enterprises generate revenue out of their video assets in multiple formats. Subscription video on demand, Transactional video on demand, Advertising video on demand, Pay per view are some of the formats.

To ensure that the revenue collected from these diverse sources is not leaked, Contus Vplay deploys multi-level security features like location, IP, membership based Access controls, AES Encryption to prevent downloads and unauthorized distribution and Digital Rights Management for copyright protection.


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Contus Vplay features

Access Control
Content Management
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SSL Security
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Additional information for Contus Vplay

Key features of Contus Vplay

  • Analytical tools
  • Brand overlay
  • Bulk uploading
  • Closed captions
  • Mobile screen support
  • Social sharing
  • Video looping
  • Inside the video search
  • Rapid creation
  • Video streaming
  • Video marketing
  • Video library
  • Search functionality
  • Video management
  • Video support
  • Video on demand
  • On-demand music streaming
  • Training management
  • Streaming sports action live
  • Communication management
  • Video content storage
  • Video upload
  • Video conversion
  • OTT streaming solution
  • Video content management
  • Publishing assistance
  • MP4, WebM, and Ogg file format support
  • Security & encryption
  • Digital rights management
  • Access control
  • Video distribution management
  • Design concept management
  • Subscription services
  • Custom video player
  • Real time traffic updates
  • Current viewership status
  • User behavior analysis
  • Consolidated data report
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Gain performance insights from reports & analytics, including real-time traffic updates, user behavior analysis, average time on site and more.
Deliver video content across multiple browsers, smartphones and mobile phones.
Enhance usability with minimalistic drag and drop interface.
Prevent security breach with encryption, digital rights management (DRM) and access control tools.
Help monetize video content with online video on demand (VOD) platform.