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Omni-channel eCommerce content and digital asset management

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CoreMedia overview

CoreMedia is a content experience platform designed for multi-commerce businesses typically spanning the luxury, fashion, and beauty industries. Coupling together a content management system (CMS) with a singular digital asset management (DAM) solution, CoreMedia promises extensive integration with leading third-party eCommerce products. Built-in connectivity with the likes of IBM WebSphere, SAP Hybris and Salesforce Commerce Cloud promises to enable enterprise marketers and vendors to create, manage, and publish rich custom shopping experiences blending branded content with real time product catalog data. CoreMedia's omni-channel approach also means that content is optimized to be responsive, providing editors with rendering previews across every device or interface.

With CoreMedia On Cloud offering a hosted version, the platform's editing UI claims strong accessibility for all users with ARIA and BITV 2.0 certification. Content can then be leveraged from multiple sources and arranged into customizable landing page layouts within familiar design components, with content and presentation layers kept separate for efficient change implementation or reuse. A centralized management capability then aids global and multi-site publishing with side-by-side content comparisons and localization of text into multiple languages. Experiences can be personalized to target segmented audience groups, while other features include metadata extraction for organizing product assets, automated publishing, inline image editing, plus social tools for supporting brand conversations within the customer community.


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CoreMedia screenshot: CoreMedia's editorial UI promises intuitive accessibility for users of all abilities, with ARIA and BITV 2.0 certificationLayout Variants for Your PagesCoreMedia screenshot: CoreMedia Studio provides a user interface for managing and publishing enterprise-level content, organized according to projectCoreMedia screenshot: Broad integration options allow digital content, media assets and data to be accessed in real time from multiple sources, with pre-built third-party support promised across a range of third-party eCommerce, CRM, marketing and analytics toolsCoreMedia screenshot: Multiple layout options are joined by a rich catalog of design elements such as slide shows, carousel views, tabs, image maps and photo galleries etcCoreMedia screenshot: Product data can be blended into campaigns in real time to form shoppable content that includes imagery and video assetsCoreMedia screenshot: Conversation among customers is encouraged with support for user profiles, comments, reviews and ratings etcCoreMedia screenshot: Real time contextual previewing allows editors to see how their customer experiences will render across a diverse range of devices, interfaces or visitor segmentationsCoreMedia screenshot: CoreMedia's centralized management capability supports editing across multiple brands and regions, allowing content to be compared side-by-side in-line as part of end-to-end translation workflows when localizing contentCoreMedia screenshot: With a view to raising conversion rates, experiences can be made to target specific audience segments such as frequent buyers, by applying rule-based conditionsCoreMedia screenshot: Separating content from presentation, CoreMedia encourages content reuse and the application of tags for a more agile, automated publishing processCoreMedia screenshot: Supporting the creation of online custom environments, the platform also provides a collaborative workspace and tools for on-the-fly project work across teamsCoreMedia screenshot: Product catalog integration features are coupled with advanced digital asset management capabilitiesCoreMedia screenshot: A collection of media modules allow a diverse range of media assets to be published alongside each other regardless of file format or typeCoreMedia screenshot: DAM capabilities include built-in image editing and adaptive image handling, allowing actions such as cropping, rotation, filtering, brightness, contrast and ratio adjustments to be performedCoreMedia screenshot: Automated product image linking extracts file metadata on import to properly tag assets including not only product images, but documents and videos alsoCoreMedia screenshot: Product detail pages can be augmented with enhanced functionality via the use of a pre-configured asset widget that presents extra product-related content consistently across those particular pages and overriding existing presentation choicesCoreMedia screenshot: Support for editable text over images allows for editable text to be translated into any language and positioned on top of any associated product imageProduct Shelves

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Key features of CoreMedia

  • Forms creation
  • Audio content
  • Video content
  • Template creation
  • Multi-language
  • Social media integration
  • Customizable branding
  • Customer segmentation
  • Real time update
  • Custom user interface
  • Content management
  • Mobile integration
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Collaboration tools
  • CRM integration
  • Third party integration
  • Content repository
  • Multiple data sources
  • Tagging
  • Photo albums
  • eCommerce integration
  • Custom forms
  • Search functionality
  • Content library
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Text editing
  • Inline image editing
  • Video support
  • Continuous backup
  • Preview functionality
  • Product catalog integration
  • Customizable templates
  • Customizable categories
  • PDF conversion
  • Custom landing pages
  • Landing page templates
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Digital asset management
  • Product catalog
  • Interactive content
  • Widgets
  • Project templates
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CoreMedia On Cloud is the fully managed, subscription-based version of the CoreMedia system supporting CMS-only and eCommerce deployment via virtual private cloud (VPC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and facilitating daily data backups.
Boasting its own flexible editorial UI, CoreMedia Studio enables business users to compose and preview dynamic personalized omni-channel experiences, automatically optimized for all devices to deliver consistency.
Integrated asset management provides a single repository for multi-format product and brand assets, linked by automatically extracted metadata and publishable regardless of format within interactive media modules.
Extended editing capabilities include inline image manipulation and adaptive handling that allows for common adjustments, the overlay of editable text and also translation for localizing text content across multiple languages.
Product catalog integration is backed by integration with market-leading third-party eCommerce systems such as IBM WebSphere, SAP Hybris and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, facilitating the blending of branded content with real time product data.