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Website builder based on a chatbot for SMBs

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Heek overview

Heek is a website builder tool designed for small and medium businesses based on a chatbot using artificial intelligence. The intelligent chatbot is able to build and manage a website in real-time, accompanying the user through the creation, maintenance and updating process with optimized results and personalized suggestions.

Using a conversational interface, the chatbot begins by asking questions about the user, including their name, company name, and type of business, and presents them with a variety of customizable site templates to choose from. Templates range from e-commerce storefronts, to businesses without products to sell such as charities or public figures, as well as sites for those in the media and entertainment industry, such as news, music, sports, food, education, animals, and more.

The flow of the conversation feels similar to a consultation with a developer, designer, and marketing expert, inviting users to discuss the site's color palette, key objectives, and SEO strategy. Heek’s bot helps users update and animate the website, while also developing the customer base and site traffic. The bot will suggest items users may want to add, such as a business address and a contact form, or a navigation menu to be able to move between pages.

The chatbot can also respond to demands or concrete actions such as “I would like to add closing hours” or “I have a new product to display”. Users can also customize the pages further, such as upload photos or add product information, pricing, and more. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builder allows users to drag and drop various elements around the screen to customize the design.


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English, French
Heek screenshot: The intelligent chatbot builds and manages the website in real-time, accompanying the user through the creation, maintenance and updating process Heek : The First Conversational Website BuilderHeek screenshot: Heek uses a conversational interface to discuss things such as the site's design, color palette, key objectives, and SEO strategyHeek screenshot: Make a custom website by choosing from a large variety of designs created by professionalsHow to add text on my Heek websiteHow to change a section background

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Premium Features: Starting at $12/month

Heek features

Custom Forms
Customizable Templates
Drag & Drop Interface

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Additional information for Heek

Key features of Heek

  • Content import / export
  • Auto update
  • Landing pages / web forms
  • Form creation
  • SEO
  • Templates
  • Real time editing
  • Drag & drop
  • Online booking
  • Website management
  • Contact & prospects
  • Visibility
  • Contact form
  • E-mail management
  • Surveys
  • Google Calendar
  • Social networks
  • Google My Business
  • Chatbot personalized tips
  • Blog and posts
  • Team page
  • Pricing page
  • Menu page
  • Planning page
  • Partners or certifications page
  • Google map
  • Testimonials
  • Feedback & reviews
  • Photo gallery
  • Portfolio
  • Stock photos
  • Music player
  • Editor & design
  • Text and pictures management
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Site structure: edit rows and columns
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Text editing
  • Artificial intelligence (AI assistant)
  • Machine learning
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Heek​’s chatbot ​is capable of progressing intelligence through machine learning as it converses with small and medium size business owners to get new insights.

Heek makes website building fully personalized and efficient through chat, just as if the users were interacting with a web designer, developer, or marketing expert.

The platform's AI engine personalizes the content of the user's website in real time, while giving the user total control of the result.

All websites created with Heek come with a large choice of designs created by professionals, which are responsive to the various screen sizes of computers, mobiles and tablets.

Users are able to book any extension they like, such as .com, .fr, and .net, or use an existing domain name.