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IcePortal CMS

Cloud-based content management and distribution platform

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IcePortal CMS overview

What is IcePortal CMS?

IcePortal is a cloud-based content management system designed to help enterprises curate and distribute media files including images and videos across various channels. Features are multi-language support, duplicate image detection, activity tracking, metadata mapping, and reporting.

Using IcePortal’s digital asset library, members can organize, search and access media content in a collaborative manner. Administrators can grant role-based permissions to users, restrict access by country, supplier chain code, or individual listings, and create custom folders to share specific assets. The dashboard allows users to analyze the performance of visuals through a content score summary, which measures the content based on quantity, size, categories, and room type in real-time.

IcePortal enables marketing teams to add, edit, delete, and drag-and-drop assets from folders, modify tags, receive notifications while making changes, and add captions or descriptions to it. The software also helps managers track and identify users after listings get edited or activated and view the timestamp of currently saved versions.


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IcePortal CMS features

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