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JotForm use case: Sameh Abu Jarur

Sameh Abu Jarur

Verified Reviewer  
2nd of October, 2016
Great Form Creator

I reviewed several form creators when I wanted to automate the food ordering process in my company. Jotform was far the best, especially when its came to usability and the conditional logic that is found in the service. Its easy to create logic for various purposes. There are several options available, and JotForm has several pre-existing conditions, and allows the flexibility to create your own equations for whatever business need there is. I managed to create a usable form in less than 1 hour, and I was unable to launch the form and garner reviews fairly quickly. I like the speed of the website hosting mechanism. The loading time of forms is optimized, as forms that are created and links that are shared are quickly loaded on whatever device is used. There is also a useful confirmation page after each form is submitted, ensuring users are aware that there answers have been submitted. All in all, a good service, specially if you are looking for a quick and fast method to collect data or create forms without having to program or invest in creating a website.

What do you like best?

1. Easy platform and straight forward usability 2. Good options on conditional logic 3. Quick hosting and great back-end 4. Lots of template options

What do you dislike?

1. Too many features, can get overwhelming sometimes

Why did you end up selecting JotForm over other applications?

Simplicity of use, and conditional logic

If so, why did you switch?

Software licence expired

What is your main use case with JotForm?

A food ordering site for work

Give one example how JotForm has improved the way your organization functions

Cutting time in the food ordering function, and streamlining the process.

What is your ROI?


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Recommendations to others considering JotForm

The free version is great for testing and getting your hands used to the system, but you will need a subscription if you want to do serious submissions or for medium to large data gathering projects.

Time used

Less than 6 months

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