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LightCMS overview

LightCMS is the premier platform for web designers and people who make websites. LightCMS offers unmatched design flexibility with no special languages to learn. Plus, the LightCMS Developer Platform offers a host of tools designed to get rid of the hassles and help designers scale their website businesses faster and with less overhead.

LightCMS provides the tools to create blogs, calendars, image galleries, forms and much more through an intuitive interface that's a snap to learn. Plus, LightCMS offers a full-featured eCommerce solution. Create products, manage orders, communicate with customers and more. A streamlined and fully-secure shopping cart and checkout experience is built right in.

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LightCMS reviews


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Brian May

We've been building sites for 15 years. We built 40-45 sites on make that mistake!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-07-20
Review Source: Capterra

The platform is really easy to use. That's why we moved to this platform for our clients in need of an easy and affordable solution to something custom. After building on the platform for 2 years we're finding their customer service is the WORST we've ever experience. They are completely useless and always respond with something they copy and paste from some response might even be automated. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM as it's super limited and as previously stated the customer service doesn't really exist.

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Marcus Davis

Building websites made easy

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-04-09
Review Source: Capterra

Wife needed a website for her new business venture and this was a great software to use. I was able to get this up and running in less than a couple of days. Once I started I couldnt stop changing things around making it just the way she wanted. I have never done a website but with this I think i can build tons more.

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Unlike most hosted software, LightCMS includes every feature on every plan. So, no matter the size of your website, you get access to all of our powerful tools. Members of the LightCMS Developer Platform enjoy an 80% discount on the LightCMS Unlimited Plan.

LightCMS features

Content Management

Access Control (52 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (69 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (69 other apps)
Custom Forms (58 other apps)
Customizable Branding (95 other apps)
Customizable Templates (94 other apps)
Data Import/Export (66 other apps)
Discount Management (48 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (78 other apps)
Electronic Payments (69 other apps)
Product Catalog (65 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (67 other apps)
SSL Security (51 other apps)
Search Functionality (72 other apps)
Social Media Integration (47 other apps)
Third Party Integration (110 other apps)
eCommerce Integration (51 other apps)
eCommerce Management (65 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

LightCMS is a user-friendly content management system and website builder that follows a philosophy of sophisticated simplicity that helps people reach the best possible result with the minimal time and effort. The software can be used for the creation and maintenance of blogs, e-commerce points, complete web design and web content editing.

The scope of its usability spans from freelancers and single professionals that want to create an online self-promotion webpage, to small and mid-size companies that need to build a fully functional e-shop to sell their products and services. The rate of high quality to cost is what makes LightCMS stand out among the many CMS suites available.

Web designers and developers are going to love the way LightCMS makes complicated tasks simpler, and how it enables them to create whatever lies inside their mind and vision with no coding knowledge related hindrances. For the more advanced users though, it offers full access to the elements’ code, in order to highly tailor their work through HTML and CSS editing. Ad agencies and web design companies will also love the LightCMS Partner Platform. This program allows them to resell LightCMS at 80% off the retail price, set their own pricing for their clients to pay, and white label LightCMS as their own.

What is LightCMS?

The purpose of LightCMS is to allow non tech-savvy or poorly-skilled web developers and designers to create high quality websites for themselves or their clients. As for the more advanced developers, it can be used as a simplified platform that will save them considerable time and effort in their work.

With drag and drop field creation and versatile customization abilities that are instantly reflected on the handy previewer, users can try different themes and layouts to see what meets their requirements better without much effort. The website management features are also very simple to use. Advanced SEO tools, accurate metrics, wide integration abilities and cross-platform support complete the picture for this convenient, modern CMS system.

Who is LightCMS for?

The main target group of LightCMS are web developers and designers that seek a fresh approach to their work and services. It’s not limited to these categories though, as it has been deployed successfully at ad agencies, e-commerce retailers, bloggers, non-profit organizations, freelancers, artists and various small and medium sized businesses.

This content management and website creation software was built for those that want to create websites fast, using modern and convenient tools, and get the support of a high-grade cloud network such as the one by NetSuite that LightCMS is subsidiary of. For those who create multiple websites, there’s the partner platform that offers powerful features to manage and support numerous websites and clients simultaneously.

Main features

Drag and Drop Design

Among the many advanced design tools that users of LightCMS can enjoy, the ability to drag n drop various elements while building forms and tables is the most prominent and useful for those who don’t have any coding knowledge and experience. With this feature, designing a web interface, adding buttons and setting up slideshows becomes easier than ever.

All you need to do is hop to the design tab and choose one of the many templates available to start with. You may then choose to further customize the chosen theme through the left sidebar where all available options lie. From there you can drag n drop elements onto the main screen, change their attributes and style, and fix their positioning. Their size and shape is comfortably auto-adjusted according to the frame of its position.

Cloud Hosting

For a web developer’s success, it is of key importance to be able to provide seamless hosting to his/her clients, enjoy automated client charging and stay secured with frequent updates that are done in the hosting server level by the LightCMS developers. This way, the creator or the manager of the websites stays fully focused on the task of content management, and the e-commerce entrepreneurs can develop their business plan undistracted.

The quality of the hosting and security of the provided cloud network is guaranteed by the experience and infrastructure of the ever-growing California-based NetSuite Inc that employees more than 2550 professionals. Their services include support via email and twitter, creation of comprehensive how-to videos, product updates and advising.

Mobile Platforms

Reaching out to mobile devices and their respective users is of critical importance nowadays. Most people are currently connecting to the internet using a variety of mobile platforms, with a plethora of devices, browsers and screen sizes that are available today, it is increasingly difficult to stay compatible with all the above mentioned.

Thankfully for LightCMS users, the software offers advanced tools with which fully mobile-compatible content can be created. The images and design elements of a website created with LightCMS are auto-adjusted to the screen size of the visitor’s device, while optimizations for responsive design makes the websites more touch-friendly. The platforms supported are Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

Online Store

Whether you are selling digital goods or physical products, the LightCMS e-shop creation and management tools set will amaze you with its power and ease of use. You can accommodate promotional needs with secure dedicated download links, deliver updated products to previous customers, set sophisticated product and cost options and even import products from an existing CSV file.

The way product lists, inventories, checkout pages, tags and categories are tailored and updated through the dashboard is a walk in the park for even the most novice and inexperienced e-merchandisers out there. The payments can be accepted through PayPal or credit card, while the total cost is auto-calculated according to the inputted weight of the product and the provided local tax data.

Partner Platform

For web developers that have to deal with multiple websites and clients, there is the Partner Platform that comes at an attractive price and powerful set of options. On top of the discounted website subscription rate, you get access to the LightCMS Forum to interact with other LightCMS Partner Platform members and gain insider knowledge about upcoming LightCMS features. With gold-level support services, adjustable client auto-billing, dedicated account manager and a free of charge website for your business, you will literally have nothing to worry about.

New websites are added with just one click, and no charging is activated before the development is 100% completed. Disabling/enabling and updating the added websites is done with a few more clicks, while detailed metrics and reports are provided by LightCMS, so getting an overview of your websites’ traffic is a simple and joyful task.


Being a complete content management and publication system, LightCMS integrates well with the entirety of the CMS ecosystem that consists of many online tools and services. Some of the interoperability features highlights include well integration with the Paypal online transaction system, the HelpOnClick customer management tool, the Stripe payment processing for developers, and the service.

Moreover, LightCMS can seamlessly integrate with the widely-used Disqus and Facebook comments system, import and export content into other CMS systems and allow businesses to integrate with third-party e-shop platforms. Using the Insert Media functionality, adding 3rd party media from YouTube of Vimeo is a breeze and donations and finding support can be achieved by using a variety of custom platforms.


The pricing of LightCMS ranges, depending on the package of choice. Users of low requirements that want a personal website, can buy the package which includes 10 pages, 1GB of storage and 100 products on the price of $19 per month. The standard package that costs $29 per month offers 25 pages, 3GB of storage and a maximum of 1000 products. For extended possibilities, one can buy the Premium package that is limited to 50 pages, 6GB of storage and 2500 products for $49 per month.

Professionals may choose the Pro package that accommodates for their stretched needs with up to 100 pages, 12GB of storage and 5000 products at the price of $69 per month. For unlimited storage, pages and products the cost is set to $99 per month. If you would like to resell LightCMS, you could choose the LightCMS Partner Platform. This has an initial fee of $500, but each new website that is created comes at an additional fee of $19 and you get a free website for your company.

Bottom line

  • Easy drag n drop custom designs.
  • Seamless cloud and hosting services.
  • Advanced Page management tools.
  • World-class support.
  • Fully integrated and cross-platform online stores creation and management.

Additional information for LightCMS

Key features of LightCMS

  • Instant Setup and Free Trial
  • Top-Tier Cloud Hosting
  • Website and eCommerce Features All in One
  • Every Feature on Every Plan
  • World-Class Design Templates
  • Easy-to-Use Design Editor
  • Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablets
  • Advanced Users Create Your Own Design
  • Drag and Drop Content Editing
  • Galleries with AdaptiveImage Technology
  • Blogs, Podcasts, and RSS
  • Calendar Events
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Donations and Registrations
  • Complete eCommerce Solution
  • Secure Shopping Cart and Checkout
  • Search Engine Tools
  • Facebook Open Graph Integration
  • Dedicated Support
  • Free Automatic Upgrades
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The LightCMS Developer Platform is an ideal solution for web designers and others who make websites. For a low annual fee, Developer Platform members receive a host of features designed to help their website business thrive. Plus, Developer Platform members get a base price of only $19/month for LightCMS's Unlimited Plan (regularly $99/month). That's a discount of over 80%!

With features such as multi-website management, automated client sign-up and billing, dedicated account management, and no-cost sites while in development, the LightCMS Developer Platform is far and away the most versatile and powerful solution for operating a web design business.