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WYSIWYG HTML editor and resource manager

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rgeEditor overview

rgeEditor is a WYSIWYG HTML editor which can be installed in a range of custom and legacy content management systems (CMSs), including Joomla and Drupal. With rgeEditor, users can view and edit content in situ through computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

Users can paste content from Microsoft Word into rgeEditor, with the system able to recognise and convert text formatting, list objects, and tables. Content from rich text editors can also be pasted and converted, and HTML from browser pages can also be copied and pasted. rgeEditor also supports Markdown, allowing users to add formatted content by typing or copy-pasting, and preview how content will look once converted. Tables can be added by selecting the required numbers of rows and columns, and amended with cell splitting and merging, or nesting of additional tables into cells.

The inline selector in rgeEditor can be used to assign text formatting and alignment, and insert special characters from a pre-compiled set. Hyperlinks can also be added to text selections, or wrapped around objects to make them clickable. Link types, URLs, protocols, and target windows can all be defined by users. Integration with a third party spellcheck system returns errors and suggestions, and a text to speech tool reads selected text back to users to assist in identifying mistakes. Users can also choose to have their code automatically tidied.

rgeEditor also includes tools for custom template creation, image editing, video embedding, object creation, attribute management, toolset customization, find and replace of source code or text, undos and redos, file management, DOM tree navigation, accessibility, customizable branding, and more.


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rgeEditor screenshot: rgeEditor offers true WYSIWYG editing from within CMS systemsDEMO - Mobile and Tablet InterfacergeEditor screenshot: rgeEditor empowers users to edit their content on desktop, tablet, or mobile devicesrgeEditor screenshot: rgeEditor includes a page builder, which is an extension of the template systemrgeEditor screenshot: The resource manager allows users to create folder and directories, drag-and-drop files to upload, move files between directories, and morergeEditor screenshot: Images can be cropped, scaled, and uploaded with rgeEditor

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rgeEditor pricing

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Personal - single domain licence: £6 per month
Developer - up to 10 domains: £40 per month
Large developer - up to 25 domains: £80 per month

Plans are billed annually.

rgeEditor features

Customizable Branding
Customizable Templates

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Additional information for rgeEditor

Key features of rgeEditor

  • Content import/export
  • Auto-update
  • Template and page builder system
  • Real-time editing
  • HTML tables
  • CSS class assignment
  • Content formatting
  • Content source editor
  • CSS inline editing
  • CSS helpers
  • Plugin system
  • Spell check
  • Text to speech
  • Resource manager
  • Image uploader
  • Image editor
  • Third party video widget
  • Find and replace
  • Cut, copy, paste & duplicate
  • Object labelling
  • Customizable branding
  • Customizable access groups
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True WYSIWYG - rgeEditor is installed and configured to within a CMS, enabling content to be displayed and edited in-situ.

rgeEditor is fully mobile optimised, enabling editing of website content directly from tablets or mobile devices while on the move.

Custom plugins can be created to enable the editing of custom features and content.

Legacy CMS platforms, such as Joomla and Drupal, can benefit from the fresh and modern content editing and page builder features within rgeEditor.

rgeEditor's access group system allows the cration of custom toolsets for different users, restricting both access to certain tools and content areas.