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Gateway with supercharged conversion and recurring payments

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SecurionPay use case: Robert Elek

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13th of July, 2016
Excellent platform

SecurionPay provides a programming interface which makes almost every type of payment integration possible. We could hugely improve our user interface using SecurionPay's API, implementing a tight integration of credit card processing for a better conversion rate. All of this came at a very low processing fee, which made the switch a no-brainer.

What do you like best?

- Sophisticated API for integration with access to almost every possible information, leading to unprecedented flexibility - Quick development of platform and constant introduction of new features - Low processing fees - Excellent customer care

What do you dislike?

Can't think of anything, everything works as expected or better.

Why did you end up selecting SecurionPay over other applications?

We have been operating our business for 13 years and tried several payment processors in this time, we have switched to SecurionPay as soon as we knew about it.

If so, why did you switch?

Our previous processor imposed on us a strict business framework and within this framework we couldn't realize our development plans.

What is your main use case with SecurionPay?

Credit card processing with a payment form integration to our user interface.

Give one example how SecurionPay has improved the way your organization functions

As the new payment form is integrated to our interface and we have control over its look and feel, we could provide improved guidance and customer support to our users having trouble with payment.

What is your ROI?

The costs for switching over to SecurionPay materialized in development costs, which we could keep to a minimum due to the excellent API. The reduced processing fees alone covered these costs in a few months time.

Time used

1-2 years

Rating breakdown

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