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SiteKreator is a fully hosted web tool for do-it-yourself, no-code creation and management of websites. With the help of SiteKreator's built-in features such as World®-like content editing; customizable design templates; ready-to-deploy galleries; email marketing and e-commerce tools you get a unique agency-quality website quickly and easily. Over 100,000 successful businesses have chosen SiteKreator for its competitive pricing models, intuitive editing interface and pluggable business modules.

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Freelancers, Small Business
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Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United Kingdom, United States
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Starting from: $3499.00
Pricing model: One-time License
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

MyHub Intranet

Starting from: $99.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


Starting from: $19.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

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Key Features of SiteKreator

  • Intuitive Editing Interface - rollover and click to edit
  • Elegant Designs - professional and sophisticated
  • Image Galleries - variety of visualization options
  • E-Commerce - built-in features to create an online shop
  • Built-in Email Marketing Tools - send targeted email blasts

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Good Product Poor Customer Service


I started using around a decade ago. One site holds my online portfolio of business writing samples. Another holds art related content. Eventually, the firm gave me use of the product for free, permanently, for both sites. Over the last year - I found that the functionality was increasingly glitchy. Small changes to a page caused the Navigation Bar to completely rearrange itself. Upload speeds decreased. Yesterday it was worse. Today it was simply broken. "Oops... It seeem something did not work the way it should have. Don't worry it wasn't you! Just give us a minute,and we'll have everything working again." It is hours later. It still isn't working properly. I contacted the firm through its Chat option. Initially, the explanation was that the servers were having issues. Upon further discussion, I was informed that my site was free and my templates were old. Here's the explanation: "Your site was created several years ago and it is not up to date with the new technologies we have implemented on the platform." Further, each time I wrote a question that might be interpreted as a criticism of Sitekreator, I suddenly found myself disconnected from the chat. This happened twice. The first time I reopened the chat. The second time I took the hint. I can be upsold. But the way to go about it is not to let me stumble into a bunch of issues that staff members can't or won't resolve. Rather, the firm ought to reach out to me, proactively, and suggest that the it can no longer afford to maintain the site as it did in the past for members with free sites. There is nothing more important to any client - business relationship than the quality of service and the integrity with which the business operates. It becomes ever harder to turn existing users into paying customers, the worse the quality of the service and communication becomes. At some point on this trajectory, instead of being able to convert the user / prospect into a real paying client, the user becomes so disgruntled, s/he simply finds another hosting service. Sure, this frees up server space. But wouldn't it have been better to make the sale than to generate a long memory of poor service?


Free use. Simple, but reliable basic functionality.


Poor customer service. Increasingly glitchy functionality. Disrespectful and manipulative "upsell" tactics.

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