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SolidPepper overview

What is SolidPepper?

SolidPepper is a product information management (PIM) software that enables B2B and B2C eCommerce industries of all types to manage their product information, enrich catalog descriptions with pictures and videos (DAM), and automatically generate designs for paper catalogs or brochures using the Adobe InDesign plug-in. The platform allows for simplified collaboration between both internal and external users within the organization including teams, suppliers and distributors.

SolidPepper helps organizations to centralize all product data and digital media through its integrated PIM and DAM systems. Users can collect and manage product data from multiple sources and create a single reference source for products, providing internal and external users with a global view that always stays up to date. SolidPepper’s expanded product information sheets enable users to import images, drawings, and technical data sheets directly, and customize all characteristics. Product data can be imported using the PIMtool or via an Excel file. Automated information reports help notify users of missing images and incomplete product information sheets. Users can add a custom e-shop button to their existing online store, or have SolidPepper create the entire website from scratch.

Tools for product sourcing and monitoring help organizations to increase their product ranges by adding new suppliers, and monitoring internal product research. Organizations can control and manage access to specific product information sheets, and enable modifications or allow for a simple review. Checked files can be locked or unlocked to avoid unwanted changes.

SolidPepper includes an Adobe InDesign plug-in in order to automate the generation of paper catalogs with optimal page layouts. In case of any changes in prices or corrections, users can make the changes via the PIM, and all product data will be synchronized while preserving the layout. SolidPepper also includes a translator tool which translates catalog text and product information sheets to another language, automatically.


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English, French, Spanish
SolidPepper screenshot: Manage the product database and retail website, as well as design custom catalogs, brochures, and moreSolidPepperSolidPepper screenshot: Enhance product information with expanded product information sheetsSolidPepper screenshot: Import images, drawings, technical data sheets and customize all characteristicsSolidPepper screenshot: Adapt and manage the product selection and prices to specific market by businesses, countries, and rangesSolidPepper screenshot: Tools for sourcing and monitoring allow users to get an overview on all product rangesSolidPepper screenshot: Create catalogs using Adobe InDesign and apply the paragraph styles, color chart, add hyperlinks, tables, and moreSolidPepper screenshot: Automate catalog creation to automatically generate paper and web catalogs, brochures, and technical data sheetsSolidPepper screenshot: Documents are created in the InDesign format, allowing users to modify them before sending to the printerSolidPepper screenshot: Translate catalogs and product information sheets directly using the automated translation tool

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HARMONY: from €1000 /month (contact SolidPepper)

SolidPepper features

Customizable Templates
Data Import/Export
Product Catalog
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Search Functionality
Template Management

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Key features of SolidPepper

  • Catalog creation
  • Cross selling functionality
  • Customizable catalogs
  • Custom product attributes
  • Pricing management
  • Product comparison
  • Search functionality
  • Filters
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Secure access
  • Merchandising
  • Desktop publishing
  • DTP style management
  • DTP templates management
  • PIM (product information management)
  • Product management
  • E-shop
  • Catalog
  • Paper & web catalog, brochures, & technical data sheets
  • Import data from the PIM tool or via an Excel file
  • Import images, drawings, technical data sheets
  • Customize all product characteristics
  • Real-time personalization
  • Missing information reports
  • Automated translation tool
  • eCommerce integration
  • Sourcing and monitoring
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Centralize product data in order to create a single source for referencing products, and provide all users with a global view that always stays up to date. Users can collect and manage all product data from multiple sources in a single location.

Enhance product information with SolidPepper's expanded product information sheets, and control and enrich product information across the organization as well as for clients.

With SolidPepper, product managers, marketing teams, salespersons, and designers are able to collaborate through a single, cloud-based platform which is accessible via any browser.

Manage the business' online store and provide clients with detailed product descriptions and visual content to stimulate sales and avoid product returns.

Automate catalog creation by importing data with a few clicks using the PIMtool or via an Excel file. The InDesign plug-in allows for automatic catalog and brochure design generation, ready for print.