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eCommerce, content & insights platform for online merchants

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Workarea overview

Workarea is an eCommerce solution for online merchants that unifies commerce, content, and data insights in a single platform. Organizations are able to provide their customers with a mobile-first shopping experience with responsive, multi-site storefronts, and improve team communication and collaboration while managing catalogs, products, inventory, customers, discounts, orders, and more.

Workarea’s site planner tool allows teams to collaborate and constantly push updates to products, categories, content, and more, including a calendar view for insight into future plans and events. Features such as online activity feeds, commenting, notifications and alerts help improve team communication, along with Workarea's streamlined workflows for managing products, categories, discounts, site navigation, assets, and content.

Content management tools include Workarea's responsive design blocks which allow non-technical users to get creative with page themes and layouts, and manage all site content including product lists, image assets, video, pages, and more. Site search functionality is foundational to the Workarea platform, which indexes content and catalog across the site while collecting data as customers shop. Using the site planner, users are able to publish, view performance, and customize search rules, as well as manage typeahead suggestions, redirect rules, filters and facets, and results boosting.

Workarea provides users with integrated dashboards and a real-time insights engine built specifically for commerce to help teams make data-driven decisions. Users are able to view sales totals, averages, top products purchased and more, as well as analyze search behavior through reports to understand customers better and improve their shopping experience.


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Workarea screenshot: Responsive design blocks allow users to get creative with flexible page layouts and manage content including image assets, video, product lists, pages, and more Introducing Workarea, the commerce platform for teams.Workarea screenshot: Workarea's insight engine and integrated dashboards allow all commerce team members to make data-driven decisions in real timeWorkarea screenshot: The site planner's calendar view provides insight into upcoming eventsWorkarea screenshot: View the timeline to get updates on team performanceWorkarea screenshot: Simple and flexible page and layout managementWorkarea screenshot: Site search is foundational to the Workarea platform, indexing catalog and content across the site while learning as customers shop

Workarea reviews

Very good

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Ron Daniel

We are currently using a very early version of Workarea (0.6). This review is based on version 3.2.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

Workarea has an easy, straightforward interface that utilizes search, enabling even the newest user to easily find their way around. It has also implemented many features which one would hope to have in a robust ecommerce platform.

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Workarea features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Content Management
Customizable Templates
Discount Management
Product Catalog
Reporting & Statistics
Search Functionality

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Additional information for Workarea

Key features of Workarea

  • Catalog management
  • Templates / themes
  • Category management
  • Product reviews
  • Content management
  • Insights
  • Responsive, multisite storefronts
  • Product & catalog management
  • Inventory & pricing
  • Promotions & discounts
  • Order management
  • Customer service
  • Search & navigation
  • Digital asset management
  • Page and layout management
  • SEO management
  • Blog
  • Integrated dashboards
  • Inline data
  • Insight engine
  • Site search reports
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Performance reports
  • Calendar view
  • Activity feeds
  • Commenting
  • Notifications & alerts
  • Real-time data
  • Search functionality
  • Site navigation
  • Workflows
  • Video assets
  • Product lists
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Manage catalogs, products, inventory, orders, customers and discounts on a single platform with Workarea.

Improve the shopping experience with integrated content management built into the system and plan, preview and publish products to the catalog.

The Workarea platform is built to help teams collaborate, execute and perform with communication tools such as timelines, activity feeds, tagging, commenting, and more.

Real-time customer data allows merchants to make instant merchandising decisions with actionable insights.

Move past the limitations of layout templates with responsive design blocks and provide an optimal experience for any size screen.