Shopping Cart Software

What is Shopping Cart Software?

E-commerce software facilitates the online buying, selling and marketing of products or services through an online platform such as a company website, store front or catalogue. E-commerce applications offer different tools to facilitate the setting-up of an online store, the conversion to an online store from an offline store and the management of your online store and online purchasing facilities.

Among the range of e-commerce software are apps used to host and build of an online store-front. These solutions will generally offer you a range of design features and capabilities so that you can customize your online store to suit your brand and product. For example, an online shoe store may need to include search filters such as size and colour, while an online magazine may offer downloadable articles.

Most e-commerce applications will include the ability to display searchable product lists that include text,images and video. Additional features may include product reviews and comparisons, electronic shopping cart facilities and online payment and billing through the integration of secure payment gateways and point-of-sale systems.

Aside from the initial building of an online store, e-commerce solutions can help you manage this store once it is set-up. For example, many solutions offer the ability to monitor inventory levels and send notifications when stocks or low, or too automate ordering to meet demand.

Many e-commerce software solutions will also offer advertising and marketing tools. On the marketing side, these might include search engine optimization and keyword identification. On the advertising side tools might include the ability to generate coupons, create deals, offers, discounts and loyalty schemes. The majority of e-commerce software solutions will also allow you to generate reports and analysis based on key metrics such as daily sales, stock levels, and popular items.

E-commerce software can be beneficial to all sizes of businesses and industry types, including sole traders. These tools are designed to be user-friendly so that even the least tech-savvy user can set up an online presence. If your business is likely to scale, choose a software solution that offers plenty of bandwidth. If your inventory is likely to grow, be sure the software you choose can cater to your needs.

While some e-commerce solutions will help you with entire process of online selling, from setting up a website to managing shipments and inventory, there are a number of stand-alone solutions. These include point of sale software, shopping cart solutions, billing and finance and inventory management software.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Online website/store design and customization
  • Product listing and categorization
  • Online payment processing options
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Order tracking and sales reports
  • Catalogue and inventory management tools
  • Shopping cart and checkout tools
  • Marketing and advertising tools