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Christophe Primault
Published on 31 January 2012


Salesforce.com just unveiled Desk.com, which is likely to open the world of online customer service to thousands of small businesses.

Desk.com is the new name for Assistly.

Saleforce.com bought Assistly in September 2011 after an initial strategic investment in the company. Assistly was one of the greatest startup success story last year as the company founded by Alex Bard only launched in September 2010.

But there is much more to this news than just a name change and the new Desk.com promises to revolutionizing customer service for small businesses.

Let’s see how you can benefit from this solution.

Be “customer obsessed” with an online help desk

As we have been preaching consistently on this blog, small businesses should be customer obsessed.  To become a customer-obsessed company, small businesses need to invest into ways to get insight and knowledge on how to engage with their customers, wherever they are. Companies need to follow customers into new markets or channels and react fast to any support need.

One of the best way to fulfill this goal of ” always on customer satisfaction”  is to systematically monitor and anticipate support requirements.

This is where new online help desk applications kick in. They enable businesses to listen and respond to their customer needs beyond their own website. These apps are social, mobile and simple to use and deploy.

It is the door for businesses to start delivering personal customer service in a social and mobile world. With tools like Desk.com any business can instantly work with customers over any major social network, even when your staff is on the go.

Support your clients on FaceBook, Twitter and on your mobile

If you think about it, there are more social networking users than email users. Even if your business is not targeting FaceBook addict teenagers, it is very likely that your customers will be discussing your business and services on social networks. You need to know what is happening, you need to respond to their need. You can surprise them by supporting them where they don’t expect to hear from you.

Desk.com will easily integrate your help desk with Facebook and Twitter together with other support channels like email, phone and web.

And good customer support is timely. As most small businesses have some of the staff on the road, Desk.com will also enable you  to stay connected with your customers while your staff is on the go so you can support them anywhere at anytime.

It easy and affordable for everyone, no more excuses to wait

A reason why Desk.com is likely to get massive adoption by small businesses is that it is easy to sign-up and easy to get started. It requires just a couple of days and you don’t need IT staff .

Some cool features offered by Desk.com are:

  • iPhone & Android friendly apps, or any smartphone that supports HTML5
  • Respond  from anywhere to a support request with instant access of all your  information you can quickly respond to support cases
  • Not only you can respond to cases  on the go,but you can also re-assign, change groups, change status, change priority for cases, and modify customer information associated with cases
  • Easy to set up. you only need to respond to four fields to register
  • Easy to deploy, with a pre built checklist you can train and get your employees started
  • Easy to use, agents are using a sleek “Agent Desktop” with an intuitive user interface that is as easy to use as Facebook or Gmail
  • Easy reporting, with the ability to see at a glance the most important metrics detailing how every aspect of your customer service is performing (how many cases customer service agents have opened, resolved, replied to, reassigned, or reopened). This feature is announced for Q1 2012.

Another reason that should make Desk.com a success, is that it is affordable. Your first full time support agent will be free and you should be looking at spending about $49 per month per additional agent for unlimited usage. Flex pricing is also available for $1 per part-time agent, per hour. The mobile app is available at no additional cost .

So if like most businesses you have a fair volume of inquiries to deal with and a little staff to rely on, you may want to check Desk.com as an easy and affordable way to start supporting your clients where they are and make customer service everyone’s job in your company. Additional user reviews for Desk.com are available on GetApp.com

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