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The Top 10 Most Influential Customer Service Experts To Follow

Christophe Primault
Published on 25 July 2012
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Most influencial customer service expertsIt is crystal clear that customer service is important. No matter what industry your small business works in, you need to make sure that your clients receive the service they pay for.

Apart from the traditional meaning of customer service, which is according to Wikipedia “the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase”, small businesses also need to be aware of the importance of the social consumer. The concept behind this term is that consumers first check their social networks to learn about products they might want to acquire. Your customer support already starts here!

No doubt, social media has made customer service more complex and challenging. Good that there are customer services management tools and experts who put their effort on the doctrine and the investigation of excellent customer service.

GetApp has researched  the trending topics about customer service for small businesses  that take place on the social web and identified the top customer service social media influencers.

Conversations On The Web About Customer Service

Looking at this word cloud it is no surprise that web users and small businesses frequently talk about topics such as “excellent customer service” or “improve customer service” – because this is what everybody wants. Though, it seems that “shipping” of your products is the moment when your real customer service skills are tested or maybe where most businesses need to improve? The data shows conversations on the web during the last two months.

The Most Influential Customer Service Experts

But who are the top influencers of the customer service conversations?

We have looked into a long list of influential experts, authors, teachers, coaches, consultants, IT professionals, organizations and bloggers contributing to this growing trend. With tools such as Brandwatch, PeerIndex and Klout we have ranked the ten most important people in terms of influence, number of mentions and activity.

#1 Shep Hyken, @Hyken

Speaker and New York Times best-selling business author – Helping companies deliver great customer service and AMAZING customer experiences! –

#2 Nancy Goerges, @NancyGeorges

The Retail “Miss Fix-It”; Author, Retail Marketing Strategist, working w businesses. Social Media, Web, Ecommerce & Customer Service Expert. Speaker & Trainer –

#3 Barry Dalton, @bsdalton

Barry is an expert on customer service, loyalty, CRM, SCRM and technology stuff. –

#4 Graham Frost, @grafrost

Customer service expert, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author of  ‘Growing Forward’, adventurer, communicator. –

#5 Yvonne A. Jones, @YvonneAJones

Social Media & Customer Service strategist.Client-Relationship builder,  Author, Blogger. –

#6 John M Perez, @JohnMPerez

CX Strategist at Oracle. Cloud Customer Service, Social CRM, Online Experience, & Customer Service Strategy Expert. – http://www.CSInTheCloud.Com

#7 Micah Solomon, @micahsolomon

Speaker, business author, consultant: Customer service, change, culture, branding, sales. –

#8 Steve Curtin, @enthused

Customer service speaker, blogger and author (AMACOM Books, Spring 2013). Fan of exceptional customer service. –

#9 Emily Yellin, @EYellin

Journalist and Author of “Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us” (Free Press, 2010), a journey to find the heart of customer service. –

#10 John Tschohl, @johntschohl

The Guru of Customer Service by USA Today and Time Magazine. –

Customer Service Experts

We are building a more complete list of leading professionals and organizations sharing great stuff about Customer Service and Customer Support. Please let us know your suggestions by leaving a comment.

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