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  • Infusionsoft 

    Software by Infusionsoft, Inc.

    Grow Sales. Save Time. Get Organized.

  • Infusionsoft is the only all-in-one sales and marketing automation software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce. Over 23,000 small business owners use Infusionsoft to get organized, save time and grow sales. See why!

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  • ActiveCampaign 

    Software by ActiveCampaign

    Email Marketing + Marketing Automation + CRM/Sales Automation

  • Send newsletters, manage contacts, and automate your marketing. ActiveCampaign helps over 100,000 businesses grow with email marketing & marketing automation. Send newsletters, setup automated campaign sequences, automate sales processes, and more. Learn why thousands are ditching their current email marketing & marketing automation providers.

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  • Pinpointe 

    Software by Pinpointe On-Demand

    Business Class Email Marketing Software

  • Pinpointe is the most feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing software system available for business to business communications. Pinpointe’s cloud-based email marketing helps business marketers in mid-sized enterprises get better marketing results. Advanced features such as list segmentation, autoresponder drip marketing campaigns help marketers to nurture and deliver quality opportunities to the sales team. Our new inbox previewer displays your email in 20 email clients - including a half dozen mobile clients, so you can see exactly how your email will look. And since email clients are chock-full of quirky nuances and HTML incompatibilities, our inbox preview gives you pointers and recommendations to fix your html code. Pinpointe is backed by exceptional technical support and professional services to guide you through best practices and deliver better email marketing results.

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  • Salesformics 

    Software by Salesformics

    Simple CRM and all-inclusive marketing automation for everyone

  • "As easy to use as a search engine" Salesformics is an all-in-one customer relationship manager (CRM), sales and marketing automation solution that is designed and priced for small and medium-sized businesses. It is the only solution of this kind designed to get you up and running in minutes, not after days of training. Manage leads, accounts and opportunities. Automate sales and marketing processes. Leverage social media and marketing channels. Salesformics integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, Constant Contact, Evenbrite, Dropbox, Campaign Monitor and more.

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  • Remarkety 

    Software by Remarkety

    Data Driven Email Marketing for eCommerce

  • Remarkety is the #1 data driven email marketing platform for eCommerce SMBs. Remarkety lets you increase sales from customers and prospects by sending effective personal and targeted emails based on customers’ behavior and purchase history. Remarkety will automatically analyze your online store’s data and purchase history to find opportunities, such as inactive customers, abandoned carts, customers who have spent more than a certain amount, etc. These opportunities are golden, so we’ll make sure you don’t miss them. You can be up and running within minutes with effective automated email marketing campaigns. Remarkety is different from any other email marketing service – we proactively help you improve sales. The bottom line - you will be able to measure real generated sales. Simple and clear - how much money you made using Remarkety.

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  • SalesExec 

    Software by ClickPoint Software

    Lead Management for Call Centers

  • SalesExec is one of the easiest-to-use lead management software on the market that will help your sales team close more leads in less time. We guarantee you will contact leads faster, nurture leads not ready to purchase with automated email marketing, power dial on more leads, and ensure leads are called the optimal amount of times, increasing ROI from all of your leads.

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  • Picreel 

    Software by Picreel

    Turn Bounce Traffic Into Customers

  • Picreel is an exit intent technology that gives you control over the movement of traffic out of your website. This technology is useful in reducing site bounce rates and converting the exiting visitors into targeted leads. Even if your offers are superior and the overall experience on your ecommerce site is excellent, it is common for the majority of visitors seek to exit after a short stay. We understand this behavior very well. This is after working with brands in maximizing on their online traffic for many years. We also understand that your primary goal is to convert as much of the website traffic as possible into sales. Our exit-intent technology is designed to assists you with that. After you start using this product, you will understand why many brands have chosen us; we have helped them to increase their conversion rates substantially. All your marketing investments are waste if a substantial part of the traffic fails to convert into sales. So, use Picreel.

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  • SendinBlue Email 

    Software by SendinBlue

    Easy To Use Email Marketing Service

  • SendinBlue is an email marketing software that let you easily manage your email marketing campaigns, transactional emails and SMS messages all in one simple and powerful platform.

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  • Real-time Web Personalization 

    Software by Commerce Sciecnes

    Website Personalization & Real-Time Offers

  • Leverage your website data to easily target visitors based on their behavior. Display personalized content and real-time offers – give your visitors the web they want!

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  • Sales and Marketing Pro 

    Software by Palo Alto Software


  • Close more sales or get your marketing messages in front of the right people. From seasoned sales teams looking for an edge to small business owners who need to do it all, Sales and Marketing Pro is the solution to help you grow your business like crazy!

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  • Hatchbuck 

    Software by Hatchbuck

    SMB sales and marketing software

  • Hatchbuck is an all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses. Our simple CRM, email marketing and marketing automation tools help smaller companies to stay organized, save time and boost sales. Hatchbuck includes everything you need to capture new contacts that visit your website, segment and nurture prospects, increase engagement and convert more opportunities into customers. Check out a live demonstration to see first hand how Hatchbuck can help your small business grow.

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Marketing Automation App Directory
  • Kenshoo Enterprise 

    Software by Kenshoo

    Premium solutions for search marketing, social media and online advertising

  • Kenshoo is a digital marketing technology company that engineers premium solutions for search marketing, social media and online advertising. Kenshoo Enterpris gives advertisers and agencies the control, automation, and results needed to make better investment decisions across search marketing and online advertising.

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  • Responsys Interact 

    Software by Oracle

    The #1 cloud platform for digital marketing

  • Responsys Interact allows to plan, execute, optimize, and manage marketing campaigns and multi-stage programs across every digital channel. With Interact Campaign, it’s easy to create, test, and execute your digital campaigns across every channel, including email, mobile, social, the web, and display. And only Responsys gives you the power to create individually tailored messages at massive scale. On December 20, 2013, Oracle announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Responsys, the leading provider of enterprise-scale cloud-based business to consumer (B2C) marketing software.

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  • Act-On 

    Software by Act-On

    Cloud marketing automation platform

  • Act-On is a cloud-based online marketing automation platform to manage marketing campaigns from creation, to implementation and tracking. Use Act-On's range of products to generate new leads by coordinating and automating sales and online marketing campaigns. You can manage multiple platforms using Act-On's marketing automation software, including email marketing and social media, along with AdWords and SEO. Measure results through reporting and analytics to better understand the success of your campaigns. Use Act-On's "Search History and Segmentation" tool to understand user behavior and build more accurate buyer profiles.

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  • Bizo 

    Software by Bizo

    Business Audience Marketing

  • Use Bizo's platform’s data management and targeting capabilities to reach audiences nd engage those that come to their websites, landing pages, and social channels.

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  • Oracle Eloqua 

    Software by Oracle

    Cloud marketing automation software

  • Oracle Eloqua is enterprise-level marketing automation software that can be used to manage a range of both marketing and sales activities. The software can be used to execute content marketing and social marketing campaigns, as well as sales-driven campaigns to support renewals and events. Oracle Eloqua provides key customer data and marketing analytics to help build better campaigns. Customer profiles can be built for greater targeting and segmentation through data such as website visits and website responses. The performance of your campaigns can be analysed with marketing analytics dashboards and reports.

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  • Demandbase 

    Software by Demandbase, Inc

    B2B Marketing Cloud

  • Demandbase is a cloud-based B2B marketing automation solution specifically built to meet the account-based needs of B2B marketers. The range of marketing solutions offered by Demandbase are covered in 5 modules: Performance Manager, Web Analytics, Advertising, Personalization and Conversion. The Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud is an end-to-end solution to connect marketing technology across the entire funnel. The software provides performance reports across the board, from brand awareness, through to pipeline health and closed revenue. Use the data provided by Demandbase to optimize your website and create targeted content and personalized messaging.

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  • Kontagent kSuite Social 

    Software by Kontagent


  • kSuite Social identifies the key metrics to help you optimize your social experience. Unlike typical Web analytics, our platform gives you deep insights into how customers connect and interact inside your Facebook apps, letting you make adjustments in real time.

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  • Bronto 

    Software by Bronto

    Marketing Automation for Commerce

  • Bronto is marketing automation software for e-commerce businesses. The application provides an email marketing, and online marketing campaign solution to major internet retailers with features to manage shopping cart abandonment and post-purchase campaigns, as well as VIP and loyalty programs. Bronto provides a marketing automation platform to help increase revenue through targeted email, mobile and social campaigns. Bronto allows you to automate the workflow process of creating multi-channel campaigns targeted to specific audiences. Build mobile-friendly email and SMS campiagns, as well as online and social campaigns that are optimized based on data and analytics.

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  • Intercom 

    Software by Intercom

    Behavioral targeting and user data

  • Intercom is a user intelligence and behavioral targeting application to better understand, improve and take advantage of your customer communication. Intercom gives you insight into who is using your product and provides the tools to send personal communicators. You can use intercom to send targeted, behavior-driven emails and in-app messages. Intercom provides you with a live database of your customers that is constantly kept up-to-date. The software provides a way to garner feedback from your users at any time, as well as to send event invites, or other communication. The software lets you send emails as well as in-app messages across web and mobile devices.

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  • Sailthru 

    Software by Sailthru

    Marketing automation for e-commerce

  • Sailthru is a marketing automation software and multi-channel personalization tool that serves growing e-commerce and media brands. The software allows you to personalize customer experiences on every channel, including email, website, mobile, social and offline. Sailthru uses unique consumer interest data, behavioral data and purchase data to build accurate individual customer profiles for individual targeting. Sailthru provides real-time customer data to allows fast growing companies to optimize aquisition and retention, build customer trust and loyalty, provide consistent brand messaging and utilize actionable, big data.

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  • Bluekai 

    Software by Oracle

    Big Data for Marketing

  • BlueKai is the most interconnected media-independent data management platform, audience data marketplace, and analytics system in the industry. As experts in big data ingestion, analysis and portability, we help you connect all your own data assets (with external data) and put it to use everywhere you need it to be. The result? Your business becomes more intelligent and efficient with EVERY interaction. Oracle announced on Feb 24th 2014 that it has signed an agreement to acquire BlueKai. BlueKai will be integrated with both Responsys for B2C marketing automation and Eloqua for B2B marketing automation in order to deliver orchestrated and personalized customer interactions across all marketing activities and channels.

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    Software by Aptean

    Big Dreams Made Real

  • Take your business to the next level with CRM processes, including sales force, marketing, and service automation .Unlike most CRM solutions, Pivotal is built on a flexible platform that gives you a customized CRM experience built around your business processes – not the other way around. Pivotal CRM is supported by a full continuum of services that are affordable, easy to use, and configure to any organization in any industry. Whether you wish to handle the implementation by yourself, with a partner, or leave it to us, we can accommodate your every need. We can even take on full management and hosting of the application, if you prefer, with the option to bring the solution on-premise when you’re ready.

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  • Kapost 

    Software by Kapost

    Content Marketing Software & Content Marketing Platform

  • Modern Marketers understand that content is critical to driving site visitors, leads and sales. But the challenge remains: how? How can marketers run a successful content marketing operation? Kapost’s software makes it possible. Marketing Calendar. Workflow. Analytics. All content types. All in one place. Kapost makes content marketing easy by managing every step of the process in a single platform. Use content to drive more web visitors, nurtured leads and new sales.

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  • SaveLocal 

    Software by Constant Contact

    Create shareable local offers and social deals

  • SaveLocal allows you to set up local offers and deals that are easy to create, customize, share, promote and redeem. Features include industry tailored themes, auto text generation, online coupon redemption and QR codes for web and mobile. Promote your offers via social media channels, email contact lists and a unique offer webpage for customers. You can also encourage your customers to share your deal with a reward system. Tracking deals is made easy allowing you to monitor how many people open, share and redeem your offer. It is free to create an offer, with no charges until you sell your first voucher. It is especially affordable for small businesses and nonprofits with a fee of as little as $1 per voucher sold.

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"Happy Journey from ZohoCRM/Act-On to Salesforce/Act-On"

  1st of August 10:50

Steve Ryan reviewed


"Great Product - Great Service - Perfect Support"

  18th of July 19:27

Eryn Branham reviewed


"Pinpointe's Email Marketing Platform Is Like Constant Contact On Steroids"

  30th of May 14:17

Maurice D. Williams, MS reviewed


"Infusionsoft Rocks!"

  14th of May 16:26

Judy Goldberg reviewed


"Great software and great support"

  23rd of April 00:54


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