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Best School Administration Software for Windows

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All-in-one Student & Learning Management System

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Classter is a complete cloud-based School Management System that provides all key features required for effective administration by any shcool. Using Classter, you can easily implement a state-of-the-art system that can offer your school several management & learning management tools.

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Administrator's Plus


Cloud based student information management software

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Integrated, cloud-based SIS for PK-12 schools around the world

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Campus Cafe


Leading student management for higher education

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Campus Cafe is a web based campus management solution that manages admissions, registration, student services and finance management features in a single platform.

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PowerVista RollCall


On premise campus management and administration solution

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RollCall is a school administration software for non k-12 and primary schools which provides tools to manage staff, students, alumni and finance operations

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Cloud-based school administration solution

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DaySchool is a cloud-based school administration solution designed to help small and midsize private schools automate processes related to contact management, parent communication, and enrollment tracking.

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Childcare app for digital management & parent communication.

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Illumine is an innovative childcare software for your superstar centres. It provides seamless digital management of your school, saves staff time on record keeping, & gives them more time to teach. In addition, it lets you elevate your parent's experience every day with constant and engaging updates

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School administration software for educational institutions

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Administering a school digitally became one of the most important aspects in education today.Quality of administration defines productivity of all the stakeholders.MyClassCampus is an all-in-one school administration solution designed with cloud and Mobile first mindset to meet the needs of the time

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All-In-One Course booking & Client Mgmt software

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Enable businesses to remove the administrative burden from course booking & payment and client registration and make your job easier!

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Cloud-based knowledge and talent management software

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eHabilis is a knowledge and talent management software that helps organizations maintain and distribute training sessions, best practice manuals, audio clips, infographics, and more. Team members can gain points based on knowledge acquisition, test completion, and other collaborative activities.

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Sales management software for legal and medical industries

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MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository.

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Cloud School


Management information system (MIS) for multi-academy trusts

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Cloud School is a management information system (MIS) designed to help multi-academy trusts manage various administrative operations including student registration, attendance tracking, online assessment, reporting, and more.

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Enterprise-level reporting tools for colleges & universities

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Argos from Evisions is a cloud-based enterprise reporting tool developed by higher education experts, that enables college and university administrators to leverage departmental and institutional data in delivering real time insights visualized within chart-rich reports and interactive dashboards

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LMS, Community Portal & Engagement Platform for K-12 Schools

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Schoolbox connects your entire school community with a powerful portal for parents, staff, and students, and provides a holistic platform to support the development of the whole student; their academic growth, extracurricular involvement, and wellbeing.

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Automated feedback collection for development-based programs

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Blue is cloud-based experience management software designed to automate central surveys, course evaluation, and 360 degree feedback review initiatives through integrations with HRIS, CRM, student information system (SIS), learning management system (LMS), and single sign-on (SSO) solutions.

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Teach n Go


Cloud-based student management system for schools

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Teach 'n Go is a cloud-based student management solution designed to help educational institutions of all sizes manage scheduling, attendance, billing and payments, student profiles and history. The platform also allows teachers to communicate with students via group emails and text messages.

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Cloud-based CRM, sales & marketing automation software

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Shape is a cloud-based CRM, sales, & marketing automation software for businesses in industries such as legal, real estate, mortgage, finance, & education. Shape offers tools to manage & automate online marketing & promotions, capture and service leads from online sources, & more

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Learning management tool for the education sector

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itslearning is a cloud-based solution that helps educational institutes streamline student learning processes using tools for assessment management, attendance tracking, and more. The course dashboard allows administrators to add or delete courses and grant temporary access to enrolled students.

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Comprehensive College & School Management Software

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With Fedena School Administrative System, school admin can seamlessly manage all administrative tasks such as daily timetable management, students' batches information management, keep a track on admission enquiries, keep a real time time on fee collection & pending fees and more.

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AEC Academia


Learning center management system for educational institutes

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AEC Academia is a cloud-based learning center management software designed to help educational institutes manage faculty, students, and courses. Features include class scheduling, grants administration, scholarship and payroll management, data import/export, and financial reporting.

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ERP solution for schools

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Pappaya is a campus management & enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for schools with accounting, attendance & timetable management, VR classrooms & more

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School LMS designed for all learning & education processes

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Admissions Management
Attendance Tracking
Class Scheduling
Curriculum Management
Faculty/Staff Management
Financial Management
Higher Education
Online Calendar
School District
Student Information/Records
Transportation Management
HR and Payroll
Fees Management

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CollegeOne Suite



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This powerful software unify academic, administrative, teaching, finance, accounting, billing, online payments, online learning, and much more that will help you to eliminate unnecessary duplication of work and reduce costly mistakes.

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Campus management solution for educational institutions

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DigitaCampus is a Microsoft Azure cloud-based campus management solution for schools and colleges around the globe

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SaaS-based school management & administration software

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MyClassboard is a SaaS-based school management software solution featuring modules spanning administration, fee collection, messaging, academic grading and more

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Open-source school management solution

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OpenEduCat is an open-source school management solution that helps educational institutions manage engagement, communication, and collaboration with students, teachers, and staff members. The course management tool lets users plan curriculum, transcripts, exam schedules, course hierarchies, and more

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