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The world of application performance management software is experiencing a shake-up of sorts, spurring great changes not only in the industry itself (see also: the breaking up of Compuware into two entities), but also in how IT professionals look at the Web. The average webpage is simply more complex than it was a few years ago, when all the code that comprised a typical webpage all resided in one place. (more…)

You can always make more money. But when time has gone, it’s gone forever. That makes scheduling a crucially important activity for any business. But scheduling is more than getting your personal agenda sorted out. It’s about getting everybody’s activities in sync to add up to profitability, instead of canceling out in confusion. It’s about clear control, information and feedback with a team whose members may be in the office or out and about serving customers. The right scheduling app can help you get time back on your side. (more…)

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Quick – get me a project manager! There are more and more projects to be managed. They can be anything from product launches to winning sales bids, and from installing new IT systems to moving offices. Project management, whether we recognize it or not, is a thread running through almost all of our activities. But if you don’t already have a capable project manager to hand, then you or someone in your team might have to become one. The good news is that there is a range of project management software to help. In that case, how fast can you expect to acquire PM skills? (more…)

All You Really Need to Know about Project Deadlines

By Hadley Jones, 13 November 2014

Ask 3 different people and you could get 3 different definitions of a project deadline. Is it something that must be respected? Should be respected? Or rather an option to be exercised if you feel like it? To make deadlines work properly for you in project management, it’s important to have a clear notion of what they are and how to handle them. Project management apps can then help you set, track, manage and update them. (more…)

Project management might have started years ago with large construction companies and big IT developments. Now however, it’s available to any enterprise, whatever its size. Project management software lets SMBs in on the act too. The difference is in the approach. Large corporations can afford dedicated project and program managers, and a team for running their dedicated project management offices. SMBs on the other hand may well find it difficult to allocate even one person fulltime to project management activities. Compared to the project management armies of the Fortune 500 companies, SMBs may do better with some good guerilla tactics. (more…)

Ever wondered about the real secret behind vampire longevity? Or successful zombie attacks or even bank heists for that matter? Here’s a scoop – there are some key project management techniques being applied. And as monsters and master criminals apparently have a propensity for moving with the times, it seems like a fair bet that they’ve also discovered the advantages of good project management software to boost efficiency, resolve issues and hit targets with increasing ease. Find out below so that you too can sign up (but not in blood) for great project management too. (more…)

Some project management failures have been so epic that you’d think they were the product of some Hollywood script writer’s overheated imagination. One case led to billion dollar bankruptcy. Another resulted in already large project costs exploding by a factor of over 300 (or by over 20,000% if you prefer). By way of comparison, annual inflation rates at the time never rose above 2.8%. With the benefit of hindsight however, each PM fail can be a learning opportunity. It offers constructive lessons about what to avoid or how to improve. Better still; some project management apps contain tools to help you to steer clear of such pitfalls. (more…)

Everyone needs a vacation now and then. When you are marketing your small business on social media, or you are a social media manager, how do you take time off? The answer to taking a break from social media is marketing automation software. It is all too tempting to pop on to Twitter to check your messages or notifications. The same goes for all the other social networks too. There are just too many ways to get notified and if you are anything like me, it’s kinda hard to resist taking a look. (more…)

It’s weird. Project management is currently one of the most in-demand skills in business today. It’s likely to continue that way too. And yet, capable project managers can’t be found for either love or money. That’s the experience of many organizations that end up abandoning projects that demand too much in terms of project management capability, are not even half-finished by their deadline, generate ugly budget bloat (think factors of five, ten or more compared to original cost estimates), or all of the above. It’s a business nightmare. (more…)

Wait, I'm a small business. Why would I care about APIs? That sounds super technical... that doesn't really interest me, should it? Probably. An API or application programming interface is what shifts your cloud-based business software productivity into overdrive. An API is how one SaaS you are using can integrate with another. Instead of relying on boring, boxy Excel spreadsheets to transfer data from one app to another, you can have a continuous workflow, say, the contact info from your customer relationship manager (CRM) can turn into an opportunity in your sales automation tool which can upon closure can turn into an invoice in your accounting software. (more…)

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