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We <3 SaaS (aka Software as a Service.) Obviously we give you the venue where you can compare and contrast business software and we try to give you advice in how to choose these productivity tools that we are confident will save you time and money. But we are certainly not the only experts in this. Today, we have compiled a list of SaaS gurus who can keep you up to date on all delightful things in the business software world.  (more…)

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GetApp is pleased to support the upcoming Sleeter Group Solutions14 Conference taking place November 9-12, 2014 in Las Vegas. Solutions14 is billed as the can’t-miss conference of the year for accounting professionals. (more…)

Top Ten Apps for Social Media Managers

By Diana Berryman, 30 October 2014

                  Social media managers are required to have skills that any circus juggler would be proud of. There are so many aspects of the job, you need to be super-organized to manage social media marketing for SMBs let alone global enterprises. Hats off to all you social media managers out there, anyone who thinks it’s an easy job should have a go themselves. (more…)

Listen up, accounting professionals. There's a new partnership in the cloud space that you've gotta know about. The new integration between FreshBooks and ShareFile is here to make your life easier. Together, these tools help you treat your clients' data with the respect it deserves - especially in this age of cyber threats from hackers. You surely want to keep financial data secure, as well as up-to-date, and the new integration between FreshBooks and ShareFile makes protecting and backing up data a real snap! (more…)

As I get ever close to launching my own eCommerce website, my attention increasingly turns to the bottom line: profit & loss (hopefully, mostly "profit"). For me, though, I'm terribly bored by crunching numbers. Don't get me wrong: I love making money and counting it. But my background is not in accounting. So the challenge for me is to keep my accounting in order, my tax information in check, and my sanity in tact! In this installment of App Guinea Pig, I'll be testing out three small business accounting apps for "dummies"... like me! (more…)

What we can learn from Mockingjay Marketing

By Diana Berryman, 27 October 2014

Mockingjay: Part One is released on November 21st as I am sure each and every one of you already know. If you don’t know the exact date, you know that it’s soon! Why are we all so very aware of this movie and its impending release? It is down to marketing, not just your average, run of the mill marketing but Mockingjay marketing! (more…)

Top 10 Human Resources Influencers on Twitter

By Todd Spear, 24 October 2014

For all the surgical, profit-focused, and notoriously sterile business stereotypes out there, the truth is quite different. The bottom line in business is that all companies, whether large or small, are made up of people; that is, they all hinge on human resources (HR). No other "resource" is as important, as indispensable as the stable of talent at your company. (more…)

Four Apps the Music Industry Needs in its Life

By Diana Berryman, 23 October 2014

Rock ’n’ roll isn’t all rock ’n’ roll, there has to be a little work involved too, time-saving apps could make all the difference. The music industry is a fast-paced, unforgiving business and being on top of your game will help you to get ahead of your competition. If you look around you and see chaos and disorganization, maybe you need to look at some new technology, that you may not have considered before, to streamline your business and your life. (more…)

Why Do We Need Online Survey Software?

By Diana Berryman, 22 October 2014

What are the best alternatives to for Online Survey Software out there? You all have different requirements so let’s take a look at what the big guys like SurveyMonkey can offer and what the alternatives are if it’s not the right fit for your biz. First of all why do we need online survey software? (more…)

When I Work Now Integrates with Quickbooks

By James Clifton, 21 October 2014

Two things employers hate, employee scheduling and payroll, are about to get a whole lot easier. How so? Because, this really is great news for small business owners, employee scheduling app When I Work has just announced a new partnership with Quickbooks Online. In fact it is more than just a partnership it is full integration with Quickbooks Online.  (more…)

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