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Why European SaaS companies should Contribute to the EuroSaaS 2010 survey

Christophe Primault
Published on 27 April 2010
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We spoke recently to Rick Chapman the Managing Editor and Publisher of the well known research firm Softletter. He explained the purpose of the 2010 edition of the EuroSaaS and Cloud Applications survey. For the last four years they have conducted a US Software as a Service survey which has become a reference by which SaaS technology providers track and measure key trends, developments and metrics in the SaaS and Cloud applications industry. For the first time they have decided to extend the research to European countries which is a good indication of the growing importance of SaaS companies on the other side of pound. This survey is aimed at software developers/publishers in the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey, who are currently selling SaaS products in the commercial software marketplace. The survey looks very complete and compelling, 75 to 90 questions, and Rick mentioned that taking it is a great way for SaaS companies to spend some quality time to reflect on an exhaustive list of business related topics. It can certainely help bring many of your business efforts and operations into clearer focus. The Softletter EuroSaaS Survey covers the following:

- Revenue growth, international markets, and profitability - Pricing models - Functionality levels - Key business metrics, including CAC, CMRR, resubscription, etc - Product Architecture, Outsourcing, and R&D - Platform Development Choices - Infrastructure and Cloud Choices - Billling and Monetization - Privacy and Security (including the European Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) - SaaS Escrow and Fallover (Failover) - SaaS Resellers and Channels - Sales Models and Costs - Marketing Overview and Marketing Costs - SaaS Trial Access and Free (Freemium) programs - Customer Support and Services - Initial and Professional Services - Community/Product Management and SaaS

It takes about 30 minutes to complete and as it is often the case with these researches, everyone who supplies data for this survey will receive a complimentary copy of the complete summary results in upcoming special issues of Softletter. Of course, all responses will be strictly confidential. This survey closes at the beginning of June, 2010 and you can get started here:

Please have a go, you will gain from it and it will show how well European SaaS companies are doing.