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TaskMaster Pro logo

A simple-to-use IDD software that delivers dynamic results.

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Discover TMP: IDD software by providers, for providers. Simplifies documentation, mitigates risks, improves communication. Intuitive workflows ensure superior service. Flexible reporting, automated billing. Step into the future of IDD management with TMP. Contact us today!

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Request logo

Cloud-based appointment scheduling tool for beauty salons.

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Request is a cloud-based appointment scheduling solution that allows beauty salons to quickly and easily accept bookings from clients. It allows salon managers to manage appointments in real-time, control online bookings, and even send automated SMS reminders to reduce no-shows. Managers can also control bookings before they go into the calendar or salon software system by allowing customers to decline or propose new times.

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Shift Admin logo

Cloud-based schedule generation software for medical staff

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Shift Admin is a medical scheduling solution that automates the generation of optimized schedules for healthcare staff, using customizable rules and user requests. Designed for specialties such as nursing, users can claim or swap available shifts and share individual schedules with staff or family.

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ReferralMD logo

Patient engagement software with appointment scheduling

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ReferralMD is a patient engagement software that helps healthcare organizations manage referrals, e-consults, scheduling and other operations on a centralized platform. Administrators can build speciality-based workflows to receive, send, review, monitor, and track inbound and outbound referrals.

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Health Cloud logo

Patient relationship management software in the Cloud

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Salesforce Health Cloud is a collaborative, all-round healthcare CRM and patient management software for healthcare providers, payers, and patients

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Health Desk logo

Scheduling app for providers and patients.

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We believe that when you craft a caring experience for providers and patients, great outcomes follow. Artificial intelligence powers an unparalleled scheduling experience.

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Enablemypractice logo

Cloud-based EHR solution for medical professionals.

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Enablemypractice is an EHR (electronic health record) solution, which helps small to large healthcare organizations manage patient engagement, online billing, appointment schedules, medicine databases, and more. The platform provides several features such as communication tools, visit management, artificial intelligence (AI), reporting, electronic prescriptions, chronic care management (CCM), custom templates, live chat, mobile application, and bed management.

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Quanta WebHIMS logo

Hospital management software

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Quanta WebHIMS is a Hospital Information Management System offering web-based, cloud-based, and local installation options. This ERP software suite efficiently automates operations for healthcare facilities of all sizes, working seamlessly in both online and offline modes.

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mConsent  logo

Cloud-based data storage and capture solution

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mConsent is an advanced digital consent software that revolutionizes the consent process. It replaces paper forms with a user-friendly digital platform, enabling quick and secure completion of consent forms. With features like electronic signatures, secure storage, and integration capabilities.

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AdvancedScheduling logo

Cloud based comprehensive medical office scheduling system

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AdvancedScheduling from AdvancdedMD is a flexible medical scheduling software that helps small & mid sized clinics to maximize the number of patients they see

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XCare logo

Unified Patient Communication & Engagement

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Xcare is the unified patient engagement platform designed to increase patient flow.

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RipsyTech logo

Helping Make Practice Perfect

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User-friendly EHR featuring advanced note-taking, outcome measurement, seamless billing, and robust security. Designed for efficiency and informed decision-making.

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PatientClick Suite logo

Integrated EHR, practice management, telemedicine & billing

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PatientClick is an integrated EMR/EHR, telemedicine, practice management, patient engagement & billing solution for medical clinics & practitioners across multiple specialties. Native patient & clinician mobile apps enable video-based telemedicine, scheduling, note updates, document viewing & more.

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coreplus logo

Healthcare Practice Management Software with TeleHealth

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coreplus is a cloud-based health practice management software which allows medical clinics to manage their clients, appointments, referrers, secure messaging, Medicare, and more. The platform supports a fully digital healthcare experience, allowing clinics to transition into telehealth.

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PerfectServe logo

Cloud-base suite for accelerating speed to care

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PerfectServe offers a suite of cloud-based solutions that accelerate speed to care by streamlining communication and optimizing provider scheduling.

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Users also considered logo

Patient engagement platform for clinics

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Patient engagement platform that helps clinics, hospitals and specialized practices. It includes an online self-service appointment portal as well as website themes, mobile applications and digital marketing capabilities.

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Users also considered
ExpertBox logo

Put clients first and reduce admin tasks with ExpertBox.

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ExpertBox is an all-in-one solution for experts in various domains to deliver professional services seamlessly and securely by automating repetitive time-consuming administrative tasks. From scheduling appointments to meeting with clients virtually to getting paid on time — all within one platform.

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BestDoc Practice logo

Award-Winning Patient Experience Management Solution

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BestDoc Practice is a SaaS-based, all-in-one Patient Relationship Management (PRM) system. Featuring multiple-patient centric modules, it helps healthcare providers drive patient engagement and improve patient experience.

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Better Clinics logo

Practice management tool for health & fitness professionals

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Designed for nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists, fitness trainers, and speech therapists, Better Clinics helps streamline various administrative processes related to appointment booking, payment processing, review management, and more.

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Ezovion HMS logo

Leading hospital management software for the Indian market

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Ezovion offers a secure software solution that ensures HIPAA compliance and enhances both patient care and administrative tasks.

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Patient Appointment Manager logo

Windows-based medical scheduling software

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Patient Appointment Manager is a Windows-based medical scheduling software that helps healthcare institutes manage recurring appointments, handle employee schedules, and create mailing labels, among other operations from within a unified platform. It lets staff members utilize a drag-and-drop interface to create and view daily, weekly, and monthly appointments.

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SKED logo

Automated appointment and schedule management with SKED.

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Automate appointment reminders, schedule management, and more.
SKED integrates with your EHR and extends it so that your patients can access their schedule and care plan in the SKED mobile app.

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Bridge Patient Portal logo

Bridging the gap between patients and providers.

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Bridge is an award-winning enterprise patient engagement solution for healthcare organizations. The platform allows companies to replace their existing EHR’s patient portal, connect multiple health IT systems, consolidate patient engagement tools, and launch a digital front door.

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Experian Health Patient Schedule logo

Patient engagement and scheduling solutions for healthcare

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Experian Health offers an array of patient engagement solutions designed to optimize online and call center scheduling, and automated patient outreach. Physician groups and large healthcare providers report an acceleration in staff efficiency, reduced call times and an enhanced patient experience.

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TCPL logo

Hospital administration management system

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TCPL is a hospital management system designed to help medical institutions streamline and handle various administrative processes including performance analysis, resource planning, payment processing, and more. Supervisors can use the dashboard to gain an overview of all operational processes from a unified platform.

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