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ARC Toolkit logo

ARC Toolkit


A robust browser website accessibility scanning tool

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Execute an automated scan of a single URL with ARC Toolkit, a free browser plug-in. The scan automatically sorts accessibility issues by topic or page element. After examining all the results in Toolkit, you can conveniently copy errors into bug-tracking software.

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Q4 IR Websites logo

Q4 IR Websites


Investor engagement and trend analytics software

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Q4 Investor Relations Websites is a cloud-based software that allows businesses to create personalized investor relations websites and track visitor behavior via analytics. The platform enables users to identify their most valuable investors to improve revenue reports via a unified portal.

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Wodu Media Website Accessibility Software logo

Wodu Media Website Accessibility Software


AI-enabled website accessibility software for ADA compliance

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Using AI-enabled technology, Wodu Media’s Website Accessibility Software can help websites meet ADA, WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and EU/EN 301549 compliance requirements. It can scan websites and ensure elements, button functionalities, and object hierarchies support accessibility for people with disabilities. The software can be installed using code provided by Wodu Media.

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Auditzy logo



Website performance monitoring platform

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Auditzy is a Microsoft-backed, cloud-first website performance auditing & monitoring tool that helps businesses schedule audits, track website speed & performance, and generate reports across 40+ Devices, 10+ Networks, and 12+ Locations.

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