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PropertyIntel logo

Cloud-based landscape and takeoff software

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Cloud-based takeoff and enhancement design software explicitly crafted for landscape and irrigation contractors.

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Scribble Maps logo
Category Leaders

GIS solution for creating and sharing custom maps

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Scribble Maps is a web mapping visualization software, which helps hobbyists, students, government, and the military, annotate maps, filter and analyze data, plot territories, optimize routes, and more.

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PolicyMap logo

Geographic information system (GIS) for organizations

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PolicyMap is a cloud-based geographic information system (GIS), which helps academic and financial institutions, healthcare centers, and governmental organizations generate demographic data for research purposes. Key features include multi-layered mapping, user management, and trend analysis.

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MAPublisher logo

Cartographic and map designing tool for Adobe Illustrator

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MAPublisher is a suite of mapping tools for Adobe Illustrator, which helps organizations create maps and manage layers within a graphical interface. Features include line plotting, labeling, location or dimension cropping, georeferencing, and grid and index customization.

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CARTO  logo

Open-source, data analysis & location intelligence platform

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CARTO is an open-source, cloud based Location Intelligence platform enabling users to gain insight and reach business outcomes by visualizing and analyzing data

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Woosmap logo

Solution for deploying location services for websites & apps

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Woosmap is a cloud-based location intelligence solution designed to help developers manage location data services and optimize Google Maps for websites and mobile applications. The platform enables users to develop and deploy store locators to streamline the customer’s online browsing experience.

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Mapbox logo

Maps and navigation for people and vehicles everywhere.

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Mapbox is the location platform preferred by developers for adding geospatial features to mobile and web applications. Mapbox provides global map data, real-time traffic, address search, routing, and navigation directions. Performant and scalable, Mapbox is trusted by leaders across industries.

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EagleView logo

Roofing and contractor management solution

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EagleView is an online tool that lets construction contractors order and access property measurements to help generate estimates, plan for jobs, and show homeowners what they can expect. With the built-in 3D visualizer, staff members can view measurements and proposed materials.

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CleverMaps logo

Location Insights you can trust.

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CleverMaps is a map-based analytics platform transforming how the world is using data to solve location-related problems. CleverMaps empowers people and organizations to make data-driven decisions based on the insights visualized in our intuitive and interactive analytical map.

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Surfer logo

2D and 3D mapping and modelling tool

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Surfer is a 2D and 3D mapping and modelling tool, which helps display data while maintaining accuracy and precision. Users can communicate information related to geology, environmental, hydrology, construction and more.

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Forestree logo

Cloud-based tree management solution for local governments.

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Forestree is a cloud-based tree management software that lets local governments automate forest inspections, analyze risks, and handle species lists from a unified platform. It allows staff members to manage process workflows, prioritize or assign work orders to contractors, and utilize geolocation capabilities to navigate trees in real-time.

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smappen logo

Location intelligence platform

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Smappen is an online tool designed to empower businesses with comprehensive location intelligence for precise market research.

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Rosmiman logo

Software for asset management and maintenance.

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Software for maintenance and management of assets, spaces and infrastructures.

Rosmiman® contributes to digital transformation turning the life cycle of asets into an area with a measurable return and impact on the company's income statement.

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Trimble Cityworks logo

Public asset management system for utility agencies

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CityWorks is a cloud-based solution designed to help local governments manage capital assets, communication, and licensing. The GIS-centric platform lets users record infrastructure data in a geodatabase, monitor historical work, identify associated costs, and schedule preventative maintenance.

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Nrby logo

On-Demand Location Intelligence

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Nrby's location intelligence software allows you and your team to digitize existing manual processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data.

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Propeller Aero logo

Browser-based 3D site surveying

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Propeller is a web-based analytics & data visualization platform which allows users to measure & map their worksites through 3D site surveys. The software is designed to streamline stockpile measurements, design conformance & road-grade checks, and volumetrics, and enable visual assessment of sites.

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Salesforce Maps logo

Location intelligence & field service management platform

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Salesforce Maps is a cloud-based location intelligence platform designed to help businesses across healthcare, life sciences, technology, manufacturing, and other industries streamline route and territory optimization operations for field service executives. It enables supervisors to manage the workforce, generate custom reports, and track leads via a unified platform.

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Mapsimise logo

Cloud-based location intelligence and GIS solution

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Mapsimise is a cloud-based location intelligence solution designed to help enterprises pin business data including store locations, assets, properties, appointments, and more on a map. Teams can utilize Mapsimise’s drawing tools to perform spatial queries and mark territories.

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Point Maps logo

Helping venues benefit from digital maps

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Point Maps helps venues create and use digital maps. Teams can seamlessly integrate into the solution with existing applications to start benefiting from dynamic real-time maps.

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Optelos logo

Delivering geovisual intelligence

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Optelos is a visual data management and AI analytics platform that transforms geovisual data into actionable insights. Utilizing Digital Twins and our patented technology, Optelos geolocates and correlates all asset inspection data into a unified database ready for analysis and AI implementation.

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Users also considered logo

Gain independence from ‘one size fits all’ mapping solutions

learn more is a unified geospatial platform built for enterprises. Overcome location challenges & manage location data with AI-driven, use-case-specific custom solutions.

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Jawg Maps logo

Interactive maps for businesses

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Custom mapping solutions tailored to your needs with Maps, Geocoding, Routing and Elevation APIs.

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AO Prospect logo

GIS software

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AO Prospect is a powerful software that simplifies land siting and injection studies, while streamlining the solar development process. With AO Prospect, teams can find the best sites for new projects in minutes via the powerful search capabilities that allow members to locate ideal land parcels near substations or transmission lines.

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Elements XS logo

GIS-Centric Asset and Work Management Software

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GIS-Centric Asset and Work Management software for local government and utilities. From Service Orders to Permitting, from Preventive Maintenance to Citizen Engagement, Elements XS has your organization covered.

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Maply logo

Make your own maps!

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Maply enables you to see your data with various visualizations so you can get instant actionable insights. Enterprise level application at consumer level pricing. Features include zip code analytics, network map creation, map sharing, map embedding, batch creation, driving route optimization and more.

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