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  • Team on the Run    11

    All-in-one mobile business communication and work tool
    Secure private communication and other work tools for leading business teams: VoIP Call, broadcast messages, admin portal, employee ...
  • Stellar Library    1

    Document management & storage
    Use Stellar Library to share all kinds of files such as videos, PDFs and images with iPad users who can access shared files through ...
  • Slack    393

    Team communication for the 21st century
    Slack is an easy to use messaging app for teams. All your communications in one place and it integrates with everything. More ...
  • Zoho Docs    3

    Online Document Management
    Zoho Docs lets you create documents and upload files & folders to the cloud to share with your colleagues and clients through ...
  • Google Apps for Work    439

    Collaboration apps for teams
    Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) offers a number of tools to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, ...
  • GoAnywhere MFT  

    Managed File Transfer to secure and automate data exchanges.
    GoAnywhere MFT offers an on-premise alternative to cloud-based file sharing services. Central administration, full audit trails and ...
  • Dropbox    849

    File syncing, storage and sharing platform
    Dropbox is an off-site server for file syncing, storage and sharing. Users can save and share files of any format and access them ...
  • Google Drive    47

    Keep everything. Share anything.
    Google Drive is everywhere you are. You can access your files everywhere, store them in a safe place and collaborate with other ...
  • Microsoft Office 365    17

    Cloud collaboration software, file sharing and online website builder
    Microsoft Office 365 is a a business class, cloud collaboration tool used to create, store and share files and applications, set up ...
  • Wimi    9

    Reinvent your teamwork
    Share your filles with your team members or external contributors easily and securely thanks to Wimi's intuitive platform and ...
  • HipChat    16

    Team communication built for business.
    With HipChat you can share files from your desktop, DropBox, email or anywhere else using drag and drop with one or more people in ...
  • Tallium Community    4

    Business Ecosystem Platform
    Beautiful multimedia libraries, my files integrate to DropBox and Google Drive
  • Hall    3

    Bring your team together
    Chat, share files, create groups with people in or out of your company. Hall is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, ...
  • Ftopia    3

    Elegant and secure file sharing for businesses
    Ftopia is a cloud-based file sharing service for businesses that enables you and your team to invite customers, suppliers, and ...
  • Hightail    14

    The professional way to send & share files and folders with anyone
    Send up to 10GB files to colleagues & clients. Share project folders and file editing permissions with your team and let clients ...
  • Intralinks VIA    2

    Try Intralinks VIA for Free !
    Intralinks VIA offers secure, scalable file-sharing letting you store all of your content online. Access, manage, share, and UNshare ...
  • Clinked    2

    Brandable Client and Team Workspace
    Clinked is a Cloud-based client portal and collaboration tool, enabling teams, project groups and business clients to all ...
  • SmartCryptor    2

    Encrypt your data and securely share it with others
    SmartCryptor helps you encrypt your data so that you can store them securely on any cloud storage. You can also share it with others ...
  • WeTransfer    2

    WeTransfer is an online file-transferring platform
    We like to keep things simple. And so we transfer your files from A to B. Free of stress and of charge. We’ve been doing so since ...
  • ShareFile    3

    Secure file sharing and sync
    Share files with colleagues & customers with ShareFile. Upload files, send & receive files via secure transfer, track files, and ...
  • ZipCloud    1

    Simple, Safe and Secure Cloud Backup
    Simple, safe and secure cloud backup is finally here. With Zipcloud you can backup everything on your PC or Mac and then access ...
  • Do    1

    Get Work Done
    Do is the #1 app for projects and tasks - free. With Do you can share tasks, projects and notes. It helps you stay updated through ...
  • iDeals Virtual Data Room    1

    Secure document sharing and financial communication services
    iDeals Solutions is an universal provider of the Virtual Data Room for secure file sharing
  • JustCloud    1

    Store All Your Files In The Cloud
    Backup your files safely on the internet easier than ever. Never again will you lose data from hard drive crashes, fire/theft or ...
  • iWeb FTP    1

    Web Based File Storage
    Your very own branded file sharing service. We know how important it is to look 'on-brand', that is why we have developed our ...

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