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AEOL Gestión Plus logo

AEOL Gestión Plus


The software for managing drivins schools in spain by aeol

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AEOL Gestión Plus is the most advanced and flexible auto school management solution that completely automates the whole accounting process, which results in a quick and efficient management of the school.

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e-conductor logo



Intelligent management system for driving schools

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Driving schools can automate administrative chores like student registration, issuing receipts, and collecting monthly fees with the help of the intelligent management system known as e-conductor. It also offers operational reports with performance indicators. offered in Portuguese.

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Drive App logo

Drive App


The management software designed for all driving schools.

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Drive App is the software for managing driving schools.

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Autofox logo



Software for the daily management of driving schools

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Autofox software helps driving schools to streamline everyday work. Users can choose different modules, which will determine the overall software functionality. There are modules to cover areas like planning, invoicing, and communication.

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Software for the management of driving schools

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WINDRIVE supports driving schools with their business management tasks. The software provides several components with different functions designed to undertake industry-specific tasks. The program includes administration software, a theory trainer and an admin app.

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Fahrstundenplaner logo



Cloud-based application for driving schools and instructors

learn more supports the organization and administration of driving schools. The system manages both theory and practical driving lessons. The program records movements and schedules of all current driving school vehicles. A registration system is available for learner drivers.

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Software for digital driving school administration

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YOU-DRIVE is a software for the administration of driving schools, divided into two central sections including an administrative web application for driving instructors and a learning platform for learner drivers. The aim is to generate new learner drivers and improve the learning experience.

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